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Fairfield Health Department is continuously seeking to obtain and maintain quality data to better understand our community and to help us focus our programs so as to improve the health of Fairfield residents. 

One of the most comprehensive collections of Town of Fairfield Data  is maintained by our friends at DataHaven. This data is broken out in 10 different categories.

US Census Bureau QuickFacts data for Fairfield

2022 Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan for Greater Bridgeport Area

2021 Fairfield Equity Profile

Fairfield Compared to Fairfield County, Greater Bridgeport Area and Individual Towns:

See how Fairfield County is doing and how Fairfield compares to other towns in the county by looking at the 2019 Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index.  This is a subset of statewide wellbeing survey conduct by DataHaven. This report presents indicators of social progress, economic opportunity and population well-being in Fairfield County neighborhoods.

See Town of Fairfield specific data from the 2019 Community Wellbeing Survey - Fairfield Crosstabs report which details the responses of Fairfield residents to questions in the 2016 Wellbeing Survey with different cross tabulations such by gender, age, sex, ethnicity and income etc.

See Town and Zip Code level data on 14 different variables at Data Haven's Data Mapper

See the 2016 Fairfield County Community Wellbeing Index

Here you can see the 2016 Town of Fairfield Crosstab 

Below please find other data set from the area:

2016 Greater Bridgeport Area Crosstab Comparing Individual Town Results (Bridgeport, Fairfield, Trumbull, Monroe, Stratford )

2016 Greater Bridgeport Area Crosstab Combined Results (Bridgeport, Fairfield, Easton, Trumbull, Monroe, Stratford)

2016 Fairfield County Crosstab

Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Plans:

2019 Greater Bridgeport Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan

2016 Greater Bridgeport Community Health Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan (pg 85 and on is specific to just Greater Bpt Area) 

2013 Greater Bridgeport Community Health Needs Assessment

2013 Greater Bridgeport Community Health Improvement Plan

State of Connecticut Data:

Key Facts and Census Data

Wellbeing Survey Crosstabs

CT and US Data on specific Health Topics:

CT Department of Public Health – Links to CT Statistics, Data and Information from Asthma to Zika

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A to Z Index of Topics – Links to Statistics, Data and Information

School Health Surveys:

The Connecticut School Health Survey (CSHS) is comprised of the Youth Tobacco Component (YTC) and the Youth Behavior Component (YBC).  These two school surveys have been co-administered since 2005.

Youth Behavior Component Survey 10-Year Trends Factsheet

Fairfield Youth Developmental Assets – A Profile of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors RYASAP Data


Fairfield Health Department Annual Reports:

2019 Fairfield Annual Report

2017 - 2018 Fairfield Annual Report