Tree Warden

Tree Warden

DPW Operations
Town Garage
899 Richard White Way
Fairfield, CT 06824

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am until 3:30 pm

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Mission Statement

The care of Fairfield's trees.

About the Tree Warden

Fairfield’s Tree Warden is Jeffrey Minder.  The Tree Warden is responsible for the planting, preservation, care, and, when necessary, removal of all trees, shrubs, and other vegetation along town roads, within public places, and on Town property. The Tree Warden's office is located in the Department of Public Works' Garage.

The powers and duties of the Tree Warden consist of:

  • the care and control of all trees and shrubs, in whole or part, within the limits of any public road or grounds in Fairfield (CT General Statue 23-59);
  • participating in the Town’s planning and development process;
  • management of the Department of Public Works' Tree Division;
  • appointment of members to the Forestry Committee;
  • planning and implementing public outreach and education initiatives;
  • management and oversight of the Town’s Tree Planting Program;
  • securing grants and other funding to implement the Town's Community Forest Management Plan.

Pollinator Pathway

Want to know more about Pollinator Pathway initiatives in Town? Check out the Pollinator Pathway Newsletter and pictures of Pollinator Pathway gardens. Reach out to the Forestry Committee to learn more about upcoming projects or to get involved.

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