School Health Program

School Health Program

The Health Department’s School Health Program provides services to all public and private schools at 27 school health rooms serving nearly 11,000 students. The Department employs nursing, dental hygiene, environmental staff and the School Medical Advisor to achieve the goal of the program. The Board of Health makes and amends the rules for the health services in the schools and appoints the School Medical Advisor. For questions regarding the School Health Program please call 203-256-3150.


The primary purpose of the Fairfield School Health Program is to facilitate and promote optimal learning for students. The School Health Program includes the following goals:

  • To promote early identification and remediation of health problems and needs of students.
  • To assist students to assume responsibility for their own health and to develop healthful attitudes and practices.
  • To provide health education and counseling for students, school personnel, and parents.
  • To provide health services and first aid for students and staff.
  • To promote environmental safety and awareness of hazards.
  • To maintain a liaison with health care providers and community health programs/agencies
  • To protect the health of students and staff by preventing the outbreak and spread of communicable diseases through enforcement of health laws and school policies.
  • To promote school health services as part of the educational process.
The goals and objectives of the Fairfield Schools Health Program are based upon Connecticut State Law pertaining to school health, the policies of the Fairfield Board of Health and Board of Education, and the needs of the school population of students, faculty and staff.

Medical Services

Medical services are provided by the School Medical Advisor who assists with school policy and procedure development, maintains standing orders, carries out in-school health assessments and provides medical consultation.

Nursing Services

School Nursing services are provided to schools on a full or part-time basis according to the enrollment and specific health needs of the school population. The school nurse assist students to attain a high level of wellness and is a liaison between education and health care.

The school nurse provides a link between the school, home and community. School nursing services include:• Emergency first aid care for illness and injuries.

  • Administration of medications and other treatments for students with special health care needs.
  • Surveillance and control of communicable diseases.
  • Screening and referral for vision, hearing, and postural abnormalities.
  • Review of health assessments and immunization status to ensure compliance with state law and school district policies. Administration of immunizations in school when needed.
  • Development and implementation of Individualized Health Care Plans for students with chronic health conditions.
  • Assessment and planning for students being evaluated for special education services.
  • Participation on interdisciplinary teams such as the Student Assistance Team.
  • Health education and health counseling for students, staff and parents.
  • Protection of health and safety of the school population by emergency planning and assessment of environmental health factors.
  • Home visits as needed to take student health histories and conduct parents conferences.
  • Collaboration with community health cares providers.
  • Health promotional activities.
  • Providing consultation for health related issues.
  • Maintenance of school health records.
Dental Services

The school dental program promotes optimal well-being to students through services provided by a registered dental hygienist, which include:

  • Dental health and nutrition education.
  • Oral health screenings, teeth cleaning, topical fluoride treatments, brushing and flossing instruction, are provided to eligible students that apply.
  • Referral to dentists for x-rays, examinations, and treatment for problems, such as caries.
Environmental Health Services

The schools are inspected annually with the general sanitation of each school being surveyed by Registered Sanitarians. The cafeterias are inspected 3 times per year and if problems are noted corrections are ordered and re-inspections are made. There is close cooperation in this service between the Health Department Sanitarians, Supervisor of the School Lunch Program, School Principals and the Director of Health.

Employee Health Services

Occasionally, school employees have health problems requiring first aid treatment during school hours. School nurses provide care for these problems and also request the voluntary submission of emergency medical information for school employees. This information is filed in a confidential manner.