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PLEASE NOTE: As with all tax payments, your payment is recorded as PAID for Interest and Date of Payment purposes on the date it is paid in our database.  Your payment is NOT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED until the funds are transferred into the Town of Fairfield's bank.  If a payment is returned for ANY reason there will be a return payment fee of $20.00 and any additional interest will be owed.
Tax Bill Information
How to Find Your Tax Bills Online
When looking for tax bills online you may search by any one of the following criteria :

  • NAME (Last Name [space] First Initial)
Once you have located your tax bills online, you may choose from the following viewing options:

  • ALL to view all of your bills, including prior year bills that are paid in full
  • DUE NOW to see bills that are currently due
  • BALANCE DUE to see all bills, both current and delinquent, with a balance due.
Icons next to your bill information allow you to do the following:

  • View Information on this Account
  • Download PDF
  • View All Bills
  • Tax Payment History
  • Add this Bill to your Shopping Cart for Payment
How to Pay your Tax Bills Online
To pay your bill online, first follow the instructions above to find your tax bill.  Once you've located your bill:

  • Click on the SHOPPING CART.
  • If you are trying to pay an installment before it is due please skip to separate instructions below.  Otherwise choose whether to pay the INSTALLMENT DUE or TOTAL BILL.
  • Add as many bills to your shopping car as you choose. (All payments will be applied to delinquent bills first as required by CT General State Statue 12-144b.)
  • Click on VIEW CART to check on your selection of bills.
  • Click on CHECKOUT to proceed to the Payment Page.
  • Enter choice of payment and fill in the required fields.   Prior to payment completion, a Confirmation Page will be displayed to review your payment information you have entered.
How to Pay Installments Before They are Due
To pay an installment of a tax bill online BEFORE the installment is due:

  • Click on the SHOPPING CART; the entire amount of unpaid tax will be shown in the cart
  • Continue the payment process to the screen for actual payment
  • At that point UNCHECK any installments you do not want to pay;  This leaves only the amount of the installment you wish to pay
  • PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY the amount to be paid to make sure it is correct.
  • If you have any other amount please STOP and call the Tax Office at 203-256-3101.
How to Retrieve Tax Payment History for IRS Deductions
Click here to view step by step instructions on how to retrieve tax payment history for IRS deductions.
Questions, Errors, Help
  • If you need help using online bill pay or you have a question about your account, please call (203) 256-3101.
  • If there is an error in the Credit Card charge, please contact Invoice Cloud at (877) 256-8330 x 3.