Property Record (Field) Cards

Property Record Card - Example

Property Record (Field) Cards

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Property Record Cards, more commonly known as Field Cards, provide a description of real property. They contain information such as owner, deed references, dwelling and land information and valuation information. Sales and owner history along with permit information are also on a card. A photograph of the property is included in addition to a sketch and the description of the components of the sketch.

VGS-logoOnline Property Record Data

The Town of Fairfield has contracted with Vision Government Solutions of Northboro, Massachusetts (VGSI) to provide property record data online. The online summary data is updated each Friday.

VGSI's property record data can also be accessed via the Town of Fairfield's GIS Viewer.

The VGSI website also provides sales data.

Online Property Record Cards

An image of each Property Record Card is now available on the Vision website by clicking the red 'Field Card' button on the upper right corner of an individual property data record.

Please note that these online cards are only uploaded periodically.  See below on how to obtain an official and most up to date version of a property record card.

Official Property Record Cards

The Property Record Cards on the Vision website are static and are only uploaded periodically.

The most up to date and official Property Record Cards are available through the Assessor's Office.  Cards can be viewed at the counter during regular business hours.  A copy can be purchased for $1 at the counter.

Additionally, copies can be mailed out.  Requests for mailed copies should be addressed to the Assessor's Office and must include $1 per card and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Interpreting a Property Record Card

Property Record Cards contain many codes, notes and descriptions related to a particular property.

The codes are used in the mass appraisal model developed by the revaluation company and the Assessor to calculate the appraised and assessed values of a particular property during a revaluation or when a property is modified.  These codes are complicated and interrelated.  For lists of the codes and their current values please visit the Assessor's revaluation web page.

The notes are entered by the Assessor's Office.