Services Provided

Maintaining Voter Registration

We receive updates throughout the year – from voters, the DMV, and from the U.S. Postal Service – updating information on the names, addresses, and party affiliations of our voters. If you would like to update your voter information, please complete and return a voter registration form. If you have moved out of town and wish to be removed from the voting rolls, you may do so in person or by sending a signed letter to our office requesting removal.

Voter registration deadlines are set by the State of Connecticut: you must return your voter registration application by mail at least two weeks before Election Day, or in person at least one week before Election Day. The Registrars' office is always open until at least 8:00pm on the Tuesday before an election to accommodate new voters.

Those wishing to change from one party to another must wait three months before being able to vote in a primary or serve on the Town Committee of their new party. Voters changing from "unaffiliated" (or no party) to a party must do so by 12:00 noon the day before a primary to be eligible to vote.

High School Voter Registration

In the spring of each year, the Registrars visit each high school in the town in order to register students who will turn 18 by Election Day.

Nursing Home Voting

Our office provides supervised absentee balloting services to residents of Fairfield's five nursing homes and long-term care facilities. These visits are conducted one to three weeks prior to each election or primary, and forms are generally available from staff social workers at each facility.

If you need additional information on obtaining a ballot for a family member contact the Town Clerk's office.  Please be advised that the Registrars Office is not empowered to disqualify eligible voters in ill health, even when requested by that voter's power of attorney.

Pollworker Recruitment and Training

For general elections, the Registrars staff expands to between 100 and 150 personnel in order to serve 10 polling places, count absentee ballots, and respond to numerous requests from the public. Each of these pollworkers takes part in training, and certain pollworkers must also undergo a state certification process. If you are interested in serving as an election official at an upcoming election, please contact our office at the number above.

Document Requests

The Registrars office provides electino results and information about voters.  We provide regular updates to candidates, elected officials, and other Town departments on new and changed voter registrations, as well as statistics by district for voting population and party enrollment. A number of documents are available online or for free on request.