Town Hall Customer Survey


When first elected to office, the First Selectwoman worked with her leadership team to craft a Town Employee Pledge to serve as guidance on how we deliver services in support of our valued taxpayers -


Fairfield Town Employee Pledge - We will exemplify the Town's mission, vision, and values:

Be An Ambassador - 1) Maintain a positive attitude, 2) Greet Everyone courteously, and 3) Always be professional.

Treat Every Customer With Importance - 1) Be respectful, 2) Treat residents and colleagues with an equal sense of urgency and 3) Keep your promises and commitments.

Provide Prompt, Accurate Service - 1) Take ownership/be accountable, 2) Be knowledgeable and helpful, and 3) Follow up with customers.

We pledge to do our part to make our departments and our Town the model for excellent customer service; to treat all customers (colleagues and residents) with respect and friendliness. We will take ownership of any problem that is within our power to solve and will do so with a positive and professional attitude.


Based on your recent visit to Town Hall, we would appreciate 2 minutes of your time sharing feedback in the customer service survey below on how you feel we lived up to the Town Employee Pledge: