Septic System Information

Information on Home Septic Systems

The Health Department has maps of where systems are located called “as built” and other information on most septic systems in the Town of Fairfield. Individuals can look up permits and as-builts on file here.  Sanitarians are available to provide copies of this or other information in the file and answer questions during counter hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. You can also call the Health Department and speak to a Sanitarian. If you seeking copies of other items in the file and are not the property owner, a Request for Information Form would need to be completed and submitted prior to information being provided.

Proposed repairs, alterations, or additions to septic systems may additionally fall under the authorities of other Town departments. In every case each contractor and the home owner should at minimum contact the Conservation Department and the Building Department to check if there are requirements in addition to those of the Health Department. All home owners need to be aware that if the property has inland wetlands, or falls within inlands wetland set backs (from inland wetlands on neighboring properties), the property is regulated by the Conservation Department. If the septic system activity involves electrical work related to a pump chamber, an electrical permit must be obtained from the Building Department.

Septic System Permit Forms can be found here.  Please contact the Health Department's Environmental Health Program at (203) 256-3020 for more information.