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The SFTF provides support for Town practices and projects that can help Fairfield manage its growth to safeguard the health of its environment, ensure the reliability and economical use of its natural resources, and preserve the quality of life of its residents – today and for the future.  For a “bird’s-eye” look at the Town’s commitment in action, you can visit the SFTF’s YouTube Channel.

Powers and Duties

Duties include:

  • Developing and maintaining a sustainability plan   
  • Encouraging sustainable best practices and technology
Accomplishments and Awards

The SFTF oversaw the development of the Town of Fairfield's first-ever, Town-wide Sustainability Plan, which lays out a sweeping array of activities, both ongoing and planned, designed to strengthen the environmental sustainability and quality of the Fairfield community, covering such important issues as air and water quality, energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, transportation and many others.  The Plan, which was first created in 2018 and was extensively expanded and updated in 2020, can be viewed here. We continue to review and update the plan and welcome your comments.

In 2018 and in 2021, the Town of Fairfield was named a top "Sustainable CT" community under a statewide program that recognizes Connecticut's most thriving and resilient municipalities. In both years, the SFTF managed the application process for Fairfield's certification as a "Silver" level sustainable community, one of just a handful of towns statewide to earn that designation, the program's highest.

To see other Town sustainability achievements supported by the SFTF, please visit Going Green or contact the Task Force.

Member Listing
Name Title
Ron Blumenfeld  
Becky Bunnell  
Dr. Yaniv Chen  
Kiersten Chou  
Daphne Dixon  
Mary Hogue  
Larry Kaley Chair Emeritus
Emma Kaye  
Peter Kraus   
William Leavy  
Phil Levieff  
Dustin Mandre  
Jim Marren  
Jim Motavalli  
Shawn O'Sullivan  
Doug Price   
Rabab Hussain  
Scott Thompson  
Bob Wall  2024 Chair