Racial Equity & Justice Task Force

Racial Equity and Justice Task Force
c/o First Selectman's Office
725 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824


The mission of the Racial Equity and Justice Task Force (REJTF), established in 2020, is to identify any racial and ethnic inequalities and injustices in the Town governance and operations and to provide the BOS with proposals and improvements to effectively minimize or eliminate them. Using measurable data, interviews, and any other means deemed appropriate by the BOS, the REJTF will analyze, examine, and document these injustices – past and/or present - to promote, support, and identify equitable opportunities and outcomes for all residents of Fairfield. A major component of the Task Force was its 18-month work on the Racial Equity and Justice Task Force Blueprint which you can read here


The Racial Equity and Justice Task Force usually meets the first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month at 6 pm via Zoom.  Meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates and times are subject to change so please check the Town Meetings Calendar for these changes including cancellations.

REJTF Meeting Dates 2021

January 5th and 21st
February 2nd and 18th
March 2nd, 18th and 30th
April 6th and 22nd
May 4th and 20th
June 1st and 29th
July 13th and 29th
August 10th
September 7th, 16th and 28th
October 7th, 19th and 28th
November 9th, 16th and 23rd
December 2nd, 9th and 16th