Commemorative Tree Program

Tree PlantingCommemorative Tree Program - Give a Gift that Grows!

Fairfield’s Commemorative Tree Program encourages the planting of trees on Town land by providing citizens with the opportunity to donate trees that will honor the memories of friends and loved ones and recognize special events, accomplishments or a birth in the family.

If you want to plant a Commemorative Tree contact us at or 203-701-8342.
Commemorative Tree Program - Give a Gift that Grows!
How does the Commemorative Tree Program work?
The program is managed by the Fairfield Forestry Committee and the Fairfield Tree Warden. Commemorative Trees are a donation to the Town. The Town plants and cares for the tree. 

When you contact the Forestry Committee a member of the committee will  send you an application form to complete and return.  We then arrange a meeting with you to determine the planting site and the right tree for that location so that your donated tree will live a long, healthy life.  We will work with you every step of the way.  

Where will my tree be planted?
Trees are planted on Town land including schools, parks, the right-of-ways along public streets, and other Town properties. We will work with you to plant your tree in the best location that meets your needs and that of the Town’s.
Who will plant and maintain my tree?
The Town of Fairfield will plant and care for the tree. All commemorative trees become property of the Town.
Can I have a ceremony related to the tree being planted?
Yes, of course!  We want to work with you to help make this a special donation and event for you and your loved ones.
When will my tree be planted?
To ensure the health of your tree, we will plant it in the spring or fall.
What kind of tree can I plant?
We work with you on every step and help you pick the right tree for the right place. There are a wide range of trees to choose from. To learn more visit our Tree Planting webpage and scroll down to see the tree lists towards the bottom.
How much will the tree cost?
The cost of a tree is currently $200.
How big will my tree be when planted?
Ornamental and flowering trees, such as crabapples, flowering cherries and plums and hawthorns, are generally 6-8’ tall. Shade trees, such as maples, oaks, and sycamores, are generally 8-10’ tall.  We will discuss all these details and more when we connect with you.
Will my gift be recognized in any way?
In honor of your gift the Town of Fairfield will recognize your tree with a certificate sent to you along with a listing on the Town website.