About the Town Plan & Zoning Department

Zoning regulations are put into place to ensure that Fairfield residents can enjoy residential and commercial growth and stability while retaining the close-knit town feeling that is important to the town. Zoning regulations are also established to relieve pressure on roadways, school systems, and other town services while allowing for controlled growth. 

The Town Plan and Zoning Department (TPZ), in conjunction with the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, administers the "Plan of Conservation and Developmentā€ which addresses the standards and controls under which land may be developed.

Land-use permits issued by the TPZ Department process require inspections and follow-ups. Inspections can be initiated by complaints, violations of zoning regulations, issuance of special permits, special exceptions, and certificates of zoning compliance. TPZ also assists the Parking Authority with administering the leasing and management of the Fairfield train station parking facilities. 

Finally, Flood Protection Regulations and Management Programs are also administered by the TPZ Department in accordance with FEMA. The Department administers the Coastal Management Program with state-mandated requirements.