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Methods for Waste Disposal

Item Acceptable Method of Disposal
  • Newspapers, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, office paper, mixed paper, paperboard, non-metallic wrapping paper, paper egg cartons, shredded paper, telephone and paperback books
  • All boxes (cereal, rice, pasta, etc.) including corrugated cardboard. Please flatten. 
  • Metal food and beverage containers (up to number 10 size). Please rinse first.
  • Glass food and beverage containers. Please rinse first.
  • All plastic (no Styrofoam) food and beverage containers. Please rinse first.
  • Aluminum cans. Please rinse first.
  • Aluminum foil and foil containers.
Put out for curbside recycling, or recycle at Fairfield Collection Facility. See Guide for Recycling for Private Collection or Transfer Station for specific details.
Yard Waste: grass cuttings, leaves, weeds, tree limbs, brush, etc. Town Composting - Harvest New England (formerly Green Cycle).
Waste motor oil, auto/truck batteries, anti-freeze, tires Recycle at Fairfield Collection Facility.
Latex paints (water based) Leave lid off, let paint harden in can. Dispose of with garbage. One can per bag of trash.
Household Hazardous Waste: Insecticides, solvents, oil based paints, and contaminated oil Bring to Fairfield Hazardous Waste Day, or to HazWaste Central in New Haven, Saturdays mid-May through October.
Scrap metals, metal hangers, appliances Recycle at Fairfield Collection Facility.
Bulky waste, sheet rock, plaster, etc. Bring to Fairfield Collection Facility (up to 1000 lbs.)
Household garbage Back yard collection by private hauler or bring to Fairfield Collection Facility.
Propane tanks Recycle at Fairfield Collection Facility (fees $1.00-$5.00, depending on size.)
Fire Extinguishers Recycle at Fairfield Collection Facility ( $5.00 fee)

The following items cannot be recycled in your recycle bin:

Plastic Bags, Hardcover Books, Medicine Bottles, Food Waste, Dishes Used Paper Plates, Plastic Toys, Sporting Goods, Styrofoam, Pizza Boxes, CD Cases, Electronics, Batteries, Hazardous Chemical Containers, Motor Oil Containers