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Board and Commission Vacancies

Last Updated:  3-20-2019 

The Town of Fairfield has vacancies on the following Boards and Commissions. 

Interested in being considered for one of these volunteer openings?   Please visit our Appointment Process web page for appointment and application information.

Want to know more about a particular board?  Click on the board name below.

 Board Name  # Vacancies  Special Requirements
Board of Health one as of 11/26/18*  
Burr Gardens Advisory Committee one as of 11/26/18*  
Economic Development Commission  one as of 9/21/18;
one as of 10/1/18 
Only one can be a Republican
FairTV Commission one as of 9/17/18 Cannot be a Democrat
Golf Commission  one as of 4/1/19*  
Historic District Commission one alternate as of 11/26/18*  
Land Acquisition Commission  one alternate as of 12/5/17  
Solid Waste & Recycling Commission two  as of 11/27/18*
Special Projects Standing Building Committee one as of 3/25/19  
Town Facilities Commission one as of 9/26/16*;
two as of 7/1/17*

*Vacancy occurred/occurring  due to term expiration