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12/6/2020 - Town Wide Revaluation

Revaluation notices were sent for printing and mailing on December 4 and should be received the week of December 7th.  The notice will indicate the prior town assessed valuation from the 2015 revaluation and the new proposed assessed value from the 2020 revaluation.  The value will be the total assessed value which is 70% of the market value.  The value will not include any exemptions i.e. veteran exemptions but will include any PA 490 use classification i.e. farm land (not including any applications summitted this year).  The letter will provide instructions on how to schedule an informal hearing with Municipal Valuations should you have questions concerning the new value. A sample notice can be found here.

The information found on our website, is scheduled to be updated December 7, 2020.

For more information click here:/Revaluation