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7/7/2014 - Town Initiates Property Tax Appraisal Revaluation

It has been five years since the last appraisal and the Town is just beginning the process to update our valuations. To optimize the appraisal results, the Town will perform a full revaluation which includes a data collector visiting each property in Town.

The Town of Fairfield’s primary revenue source is property taxes. It is important that the Town have an accurate appraisal of all residential, commercial, and industrial properties to ensure taxes are fairly distributed.

Property values do fluctuate over time and by neighborhood. To maintain accurate appraisal records, the Town, in accordance with state statute, conducts a Town wide appraisal every five years.

The data collector’s responsibilities include visiting every property to document physical characteristics, noting a building’s location, size, age, quality of construction, improvements, a property’s topography, utilities, zoning restrictions, if any, and numerous other characteristics both inside and out.

The site visits will be performed by Vision Government Solutions, Inc., which has been contracted by the Town to assist with the appraisal process. Site visits will commence on July 14, 2014.

Data Collectors generally work between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. If the homeowner is unavailable at the time of the Vision Government Solutions visit, a letter with instructions on how to schedule an appointment will be sent.

Data collectors will carry badges and clothing identifying them as Vision Government Solution employees. They will carry written documentation from the Town stating their affiliation with the project. Vision Governmental Solution employees and their vehicles will also be registered with the Fairfield Police Department and the Assessor’s Office.

Homeowners are encouraged to ask for this identification prior to admitting anyone into their homes. If a homeowner has a question as to the identity of a data collector, they may call the Fairfield Police Department non-emergency number (203-254-4800). They are also encouraged to contact the Vision Government Solutions Office in Town Hall (203-256-3189), Vision’s Fairfield Project Manager (1-800-628-1013, Ext. 3634) or the Town of Fairfield Assessor’s Office
(203-256-3110) with any questions or concerns.

For additional information please visit the Town’s website at