Youth and Parent Survey Reports

Every other year, Fairfield youths and parents are asked to complete a survey designed in collaboration with Positive Directions and Search Institute.  

By surveying our youth, we:

  • Discover the strengths and supports that young people have
  • Hear the perspective of young people themselves
  • Learn about risk behaviors and thriving indicators that are impacting our youth
  • Gain a road map to guide us in a proactive and focused planning to increase success in school and in life
  • Enable adults to better understand the youth voice in their community and create actionable strategies in all sectors 

In 2021, we utilized Search Institute's Developmental Relationships Survey

The core modules of this survey are:

2021 survey reports and results:

In 2019 and prior years, we administered the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey to measure:

  • 40 Developmental Assets, which look at external supports and internal strengths
  • 24 youth risk behavior elements (e.g., substance use, sexual activity, antisocial behavior)
  • 10 high-risk behavior patterns
  • Key social and emotional skills
  • 8 thriving indicators (succeeds in school, helps others, values diversity, maintains good health, exhibits leadership, resists danger, delays gratification, overcomes adversity)
  • 5 developmental deficits (alone at home, TV overexposure, physical abuse, victim of violence, drinking parties)

2019 survey reports and results: