Youth and Parent Survey Reports

Every other year, Fairfield youths and parents are asked to complete a survey designed in collaboration with Positive Directions and Search Institute.  

By using this survey, we:

  • Discover the strengths and supports that young people have
  • Hear the perspective of young people themselves
  • Learn about risk behaviors and thriving indicators that are impacting our youth
  • Gain a road map to guide us in a proactive and focused planning to increase success in school and in life
  • Enable adults to better understand the youth voice in their community and create actionable strategies in all sectors 

The Attitudes and Behaviors Survey measures:

  • 40 Developmental Assets, which look at external supports and internal strengths
  • 24 youth risk behavior elements (e.g., substance use, sexual activity, antisocial behavior)
  • 10 high-risk behavior patterns
  • Key social and emotional skills
  • 8 thriving indicators (succeeds in school, helps others, values diversity, maintains good health, exhibits leadership, resists danger, delays gratification, overcomes adversity)
  • 5 developmental deficits (alone at home, TV overexposure, physical abuse, victim of violence, drinking parties)

2019 survey reports and results:

Fairfield CARES Community Coalition Goals