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8/7/2020 - Tropical Storm ISAIAS

August 7, 2020 update from First Selectwoman's Office:

At this time, Public WiFi is available at Fairfield Middle and High School Parking Lots:

Network name:                 FPS_Guest

Password:                         Guest0413

or                                       FPS_Wifi 


First Selectwoman's August 6, 2020 update:


Good Evening Fairfielders,


This is First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick with an update on the town’s cleanup and response to the tropical storm. 47% of UI customers or 11,415 homes are still without power.


Fairfield experienced an overwhelming amount of damage. There are currently 287 partially blocked roads, 64 are fully blocked across, which is down from 92 this morning.


Please note that while our DPW crews are working around the clock, they cannot clear trees or debris if they are touching a power line without UI crews clearing those power lines.


I went out with our DPW crew to assess the damage, and the damage is wide spread with hundreds of trees down all throughout the town. I held a conference call with UI and our Emergency Management Team this afternoon and UI has additional crews in route to our town right now, which is welcome news.


According to UI, the vast majority of our residents will have power restored by Saturday night, leaving about 500 homes that are located in smaller outage areas to be worked on Sunday through Tuesday. Our DPW crews will work throughout the weekend to help with the clean-up effort.


The Town has set up charging stations for residents without power at the Police Department Lobby, all five Fire Stations, the Senior Center, the Black Rock Congregational Church and the Park and Recreation Department.


Showers are also available by appointment at the Park & Recreation center by calling 203.256.3191. Cleaning protocols for COVID are being followed per CDC guidelines.


Free public Wi-Fi areas exist throughout town in populated areas. If you know your user name and password, you can gain access in those networks. The town is working on identifying town buildings that residents can access the Wi-Fi from outside public buildings.


Please check back for updates.


Please stay safe.


First Selectwoman's message on August 3, 2020:

Dear Fairfielders,

Tropical Storm Isaias wreaked havoc on our town and our region yesterday. Moments ago, Governor Lamont declared a state of emergency in response to the widespread power outages.

While there was not significant rainfall or flooding, the sustained winds caused a great deal of damage to trees, power lines, and many residents' homes. Our DPW, Fire, and Police worked through the night to clear blocked roads and provide safe passage. We had over 575 storm related incidents reported. Although the link is currently down, you can check back later to view the live UI outage map

Last night Fairfield had over 63% of residents without power and today we are at 50%. This morning our Emergency Management Team and I held a command meeting at the Fairfield Police Station to update one another and to plan for the coming days ahead. During the meeting we spoke to the Town's representative to UI on a conference call to discuss their plans for restoration for our community. Unfortunately, due to the widespread damage, many residents may be without power for a few days. I will continue to stay in close contact and put pressure on UI to work quickly, and I will continue to provide updates to the community as I receivethem.

Today at noon I provided a storm update with our Emergency Management Director Denis McCarthy and Captain Robert Kalamaras of the Fairfield PD. You can watch here.

Below are some important updates to note:

  • The transfer station is without power and is therefore closed to haulers and residents. Brush and storm debris can be brought to We Care Denali for drop off. Click here for more information.
  • The Department of Public Words (DPW) will continue to removetrees and branches in the roads as quickly as they can. Please note they cannothaul private trees from resident's curbs. Residents have reached out that they don't think DPW is clearing the trees fast enough. The storm happened less than 24 hours ago, and DPW cannot clear trees that are attached to wires or near any downed wires until UI has inspected and deemed it safe.
  • Our DPW workers have shared concerns with me that some residents have approached them too closely without a face covering. Please be mindful that we are still under CDC guidelines so we can assure the safety of our town employees and residents.
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from any downed wire and assume it is live.
  • Many trafficlights are without power so please remain extra cautious when approaching intersections or traffic lights that are out.
  • Currently Lake Mohegan and Jennings Beach are CLOSED due to storm damage. We will do everything we can to get them reopened soon.
  • Portable back-up generators produce the poison gas carbon monoxide (CO). CO is an odorless, colorless gas that kills without warning. It claims the lives of hundreds of people every year and makes thousands more ill.
  • Throw away food that may have come in contact with flood or storm water; perishable foods that have not been refrigerated properly due to power outages; and those with an unusual odor, color, or texture. Unsafe food can make you sick even if it looks, smells, and tastes normal. Perishable foods are at risk during extended power outages. Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors shut. When in doubt, throw it out.
  • Residents in need of groceries or meal deliveries, please call social services at 203.256.3170.
  • Need to charge up?
  • Charging stations are located in the Lobby of Police Headquarters (100 Reef Road) and the Fairfield Senior Center (100 Mona Terrace), at Black Rock Congregational Church (3685 Black Rock Tpk) and at all 5 Firehouses
    • Station 1 140 Reef Rd. (Downtown)
      Station 2 600 Jennings Rd. (Black Rock TpK)
      Station 3 400 Jackman Ave (Stratfield)
      Station 4 69 Main St. (Southport Village)
      Station 5 3965 Congress St. (Greenfield Hill)
  • . Please remember your face coverings.

For true emergencies, please dial 911.To reach UI, dial 1-800-722-5584 or visit

I know that it's frustrating to be without power especially after everything we have gone through during the pandemic. I ask you to please be patient as the town works to clean up the widespread damage from storm. I will continue to stay in contact with UI and I will be meeting again with the Emergency Management Team this afternoon, and will provide updates as I receivethem. Please be careful and stay safe.



Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman



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Sullivan Independence Hall
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