Snow Hauling

When piles of snow build up around Town, the Public Works Department is forced to remove the piles for safety reasons. Snow is hauled from locations such as intersections to create sight lines. It is also hauled to make parking spots available both along the roads in commercial areas and Town parking lots. Snow is removed from street parking areas such as Downtown, Grasmere Southport, all three railroad stations, Town Building lots, and the public schools. In order to clear these spaces the Department of Public Works (DPW) and hired subcontractors haul and dump snow overnight when there are fewer people on the roads and these lots – generally from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am. This is not done after every storm, just as conditions warrant as the piles continue to accumulate. . The crews make their best efforts to clear the snow before 11:00 pm., but depending upon current accumulation and future storm predictions, they may need to haul snow through the overnight hours.

Additionally, the Town issues Snow Hauling Permits to private contractors wishing to haul snow from Fairfield locations. Most of these contractors are servicing shopping plazas, both the larger and smaller ones. Most businesses have tight lots even without losing spaces to snow. When Town areas start to get crowded with snow, the commercial lots experience the same issues. The Town issues permits at the cost of $250 each for contractors to haul to our sites. The Town only allows this hauling when the snow starts piling up and only Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Although the haulers are private contractors that may be from out of Town, they may only haul snow from Fairfield locations.

We are sensitive to the residents in the areas where the snow is dumped. The Jennings lot is the largest and most convenient, but we do spread out the hauling and dumping to other areas including the Marina (which shifts the truck traffic to Turney), Kiwanis Field lot off Old Dam Road, Sasco Beach, Southport Beach, and Lake Mohegan. The police are notified so they can monitor the speed and noise violations, and any other issues that may come up. Unfortunately, the parking lots at these locations are the only large Town owned locations that are unused in the winter that can support this type of activity.

Residents who feel they have a legitimate complaint should call the Town Garage at 203-256-3177. For violations please call the Police non-emergency number at 203-254-4800.