10/16/2019 - Some Answers for Your Questions On the Way to Your Own “Green Wheels”

If you got bit by the electric vehicle bug at Fairfield’s “Green Wheels Expo” on Sept. 14 – and now you’d like some guidance on how to “go electric” yourself – the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) wants to help.

In the EV world, change is fast-accelerating, and the range of options is increasingly wide.  Here are some informational resources to help you decide whether an EV is right for you and narrow down your product choices, assembled with the generous help of EV Club of CT( members Barry Kresch and Phil Levieff (Phil also is an SFTF member).

  • Learn More About EV Types and Choices:  In its July 2019 issue, Consumer Reports featured a run-down of the various kinds of EVs now available -- and ratings of specific models (article accessible to anyone, but Consumer Reports membership required to view specific ratings).


  • Identify Your Best Options:  The Sierra Club offers an EV buying guide and a self-administered quiz that will point you to the right options based on your driving needs and habits:


  • Check Out the Financial Incentives:  Currently, there is a  Federal tax credit of up to $7500 for the purchase of a new vehicle. This website -- lists the available incentive for every vehicle.  In addition, the state of Connecticut offers rebates on new EV purchases. This site -- provides information on which vehicles qualify and other details.


  • Consider a Used or Leased Vehicle:  No financial incentives can be earned on the purchase of a used EV, but these vehicles are increasingly available, often for good prices.  Plug-In America offers a buying guide for used EVs:   Leasing might be an even better option than buying for some people, especially anyone who wants easier access to the latest EV technology; Consumer Reports offers some guidance at


Think About a Home Charging Station:  Community EV charging stations are becoming more and more common.  But many EV owners – especially those with fully electric vehicles (vs. hybrid vehicles with both electric and gasoline power) -- will want to have a home charging station as well.  Learn about the incentives for installing a station at