7/1/2018 - Want to Help Beat Plastic Pollution? Join Us, Sunday, 7/22

Want to Help Beat Plastic Pollution? You Can “Start in Your Own Front Yard” Join Us! Sunday, 7/22, 9am-noon at Sherman Green!

Since 1950, humans have manufactured a grand total of more than 8 billion metric tons of plastic – and more than half of that has simply been thrown away.

The ongoing damage to nature – especially the Earth’s oceans – from plastic litter is staggering. Almost 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the seas annually, killing as many as 1 million sea creatures. Plastic when discarded is toxic to humans as well, carrying harmful chemicals that can leach into the environment from landfills and contaminate drinking water and even the air we breathe.

Tackling a global environmental challenge can seem daunting. But there’s a lot that every individual can do to make a difference.

In Fairfield, you can join in the “Start in Your Own Front Yard” community clean-up scheduled for Sunday, July 22, from 9 am to 12 noon at Sherman Green in downtown Fairfield, sponsored by Live Green, the local environmental advocacy group. Sunday’s event is the fourth “Start in Your Own Front Yard” gathering that Live Green has organized this year; three other clean-ups at Gould Manor Park have netted 700 pounds of plastic and other litter.

Through “Start in Your Own Front Yard,” Live Green – in addition to making Fairfield cleaner – hopes to raise community- and region-wide awareness about how we can all tackle the long-term damage of litter, plastic in particular. For more information, contact Daphne Dixon,,  203-536-4695.

Beating plastic pollution once and for all will take time. But, from National Geographic magazine, here are some easy steps you can take to help turn the tide on plastic every day:

  1. Give up plastic bags. Take your own reusable ones to the store. A trillion plastic shopping bags are used worldwide every year, and 100 billion in the U.S. alone -- almost one per American per day.
  2. Skip straws. Americans toss 500 million plastic straws every day, or about 1.5 per person.
  3. Pass up plastic bottles. Around the world, nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute. Instead, invest in a refillable water bottle.
  4. Avoid plastic packaging. Buy bar soap instead of liquid. Buy in bulk. Avoid produce sheathed in plastic. Give up plastic plates and cups.
  5. Recycle what you can. Globally, 18 percent of all plastic is recycled. In the U.S. -- only 9 percent.
  6. Don’t litter. Worldwide, 73 percent of beach litter is plastic: cigarette butts (the filters), bottles and caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, polystyrene containers.