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1/30/2023 - Update on Follow-Up Test Testing Recommended by the HRP Associates Report

The HRP Associates report detailing the air testing conducted to assess health impacts related to the WPCF odor contained a series of recommendations. Recommendation #1 is related to the finding of NDMA slightly above detectable levels in the air at two locations at the WPCF. 

HRP recommended a review of the solid and liquid material in those areas to determine if they contain less than 1% NDMA.  This review would determine if OSHA would require a respiratory protection program for the workers in those two areas.  The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the one liquid product added to the sludge/biosolids was reviewed and did not indicate any NDMA in the product.  The manufacturer of that product was contacted and indicated that NDMA is not added to the product. 

The sludge/biosolids present in those areas was also tested and the results indicated that NDMA was not detected.   These findings confirm that NDMA is not present in the liquid or solid materials in those two areas at 1% or greater and therefore no respiratory protection program is required by OSHA.

The remaining recommendations are regarding a voluntary respiratory protection program and records retention of testing results; these issues will be addressed internally by the WPCF Administration and the Human Resources Department.