About the Sewer Department

The Sewer Department operates and maintains the wastewater treatment plant, compost facility, eight pump stations, and more than 205 miles of sewer lines in accordance with State and Federal standards. The wastewater treatment plant discharges 10 million gallons per day of treated effluent to Long Island Sound. More than 95 percent of the pollutants are removed, generating 5,000 tons of sludge per year which is mixed with the Town's discarded leaves and brush and then composted into organic soil.

The Department is charged with planning, laying out, acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, repairing, maintaining, supervising and managing—and through The Department of Public Works—operating the town’s sewage system. This includes acquiring by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise any real property or interest in real property that might be necessary for the sewer system.

The Sewers Department also establishes and revises when necessary rates for connection with and use of the sewage system. It also orders homeowners that have access to the sewage system to connect to it and fill up and destroy any cesspools or other waste containment system.