POCD Update

The Fairfield Town Plan and Zoning (TPZ) Commission invites community members to participate in updating the local Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). Fairfield’s POCD sets the town’s policy “roadmap” for preservation and growth looking forward towards the next decade.  The POCD establishes goals for open space preservation and natural resource conservation, balanced by identifying future economic development growth opportunities in our commercial districts, such as around our major train stations; expanding housing options to retain our seniors and attract young professionals; and outlining major infrastructure investments needed for future wastewater management, drainage, transportation, and sea level rise mitigation.  Fairfield’s POCD also allows the town to be eligible for discretionary state funding and is the necessary reference document for many Federal, State, and non-profit grant programs. The public workshops launch the public’s input on recommended potential updates to Town policies that could better match future population needs with community goals.

Please check this page for links to presentations, workshop and public meeting information, and draft documents.  The TPZ Department can be reached at (203) 256-3050 with any questions.


A draft POCD, dated July 28, 2023 has been released for public review and comment.  The Plan and Zoning Commission is presently reviewing the draft in advance of scheduling a public hearing.  No date has yet been announced for the hearing.

Click Here For POCD Draft