Apply for Zoning Permit ONLINE

Fairfield is implementing an online permit system
At this time, you can apply for, and track your application for permits with the

  • Plan & Zoning Department
  • Conservation Department
  • Building Department
All standard Zoning Compliance projects must be submitted online for review and all applicants should use the link provided below to submit their applications. Please be prepared with PDFs of the A-2 survey, architectural plans, and any details relevant for your project that need to be uploaded as part of your application package. Mixed-Use projects should be submitted as a Commercial project. Should you have questions about the requirements or materials needed, please note that zoning enforcement staff is available in person during the hours of 8:30-10:30am daily for any questions that you may have regarding your proposed projects or anytime between 8:30-4:30pm by phone.

Please note that only the department(s) above are conducting their reviews on line at this time.  You must still come to the appropriate Town office in person to obtain approvals from departments that are not yet on line.

Exceptions - the following Plan & Zoning Department reviews STILL REQUIRE in-person submittal:

Variances and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) requests
Compliance reviews before the Plan & Zoning Commission
Special Permits, Special Exceptions, Coastal Site Plan Review
Zoning Map and Regulation Change Requests
Additional Departments will be added to the online system in the future. However, to contact other Departments that are not yet on line, please call:

Fire Marshal (at 140 Reef Road) - 203.254.4720
Engineering Department - 203.256.3015
Health Department - 203.256.3020
Sewer Department 203.256.3003
Apply for your Zoning Compliance permit at CitySquared:

Apply for permit

Instructions for the CitySquared online permit system:

How to register for a CitySquared account
How to apply for a permit at CitySquared