About Us


To collect all tax-related revenue and charges due to the Town of Fairfield in accordance with Connecticut General State Statutes; and to provide taxpayers information and assistance in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.


About the Tax Collector's Office

The Tax Collector’s Office is a division of the Finance Department and is responsible for the billing and collection of more than 80,000 tax bills and 200,000 tax payments. A consistently high collection rate is the key to fiscal stability for the Town and remains the number one priority of the Tax Collector. Balancing the need to maintain a high rate of collection with the sensitivity necessary to deal with individual taxpayer issues, especially in difficult economic times, is an integral function of the department. The Tax Department continues to strive to provide taxpayers and the public-at-large with prompt, courteous and professional service as well as technology and options to make the interaction as efficient, educational and customer friendly as possible.The Office has its responsibilities issued by the State of Connecticut General Statutes, and the Town of Fairfield Ordinances.

The Tax Collector’s Office bills and collects real estate, motor vehicle, and personal property taxes plus sewer use fees and delinquent taxes and interest. Real estate taxes are paid on any land or buildings you own. Registered motorized or non-motorized vehicles (such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and trailers) are considered Motor Vehicles for tax purposes. Personal Property is a very general category made up of machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures, either owned or leased by business and industry. Most residential taxpayers are not subject to Personal Property tax.

All tax bills are addressed to property owners on the year's October 1, Grand List unless the Tax Collector’s office receives specific instructions to send the bill elsewhere. If you sold your real estate and receive a tax bill, please forward the bill to the new owner, or return it to the Tax Collector's Office with mailing instructions.

Taxes can be paid in person at the Tax Collector’s Office between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Tax payments can be mailed to: Tax Collector, PO Box 638, Fairfield, CT 06824. Taxes can also be paid online.


In the United States and in the State of Connecticut there are laws to ensure that municipal government is open and transparent. Pursuant to those laws, the public has access, with limited exceptions, to information obtained and held by the Town of Fairfield. Consequently, while information collected and held electronically will be afforded the same protections as non-electronic information, such information will be available to the public unless its disclosure is limited by state or federal law.