Sewer Use Fees

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Sewer Rate:  $5.25 per CCF
Annual Minimum Charge: $162.50

The Town of Fairfield's sanitary sewer system is overseen by the Water Pollution Control Authority Board of Commissioners and managed by the Town's Sewer (WPCA) Department.  Funding for its operation and maintenance comes from the sewer use fees paid by the 17,000 plus users of the system, not Town tax dollars.

There are no meters in place to measure actual use of the sanitary sewer by an individual property owner.  A property owner's sewer usage fee is based on estimated water consumption at the property.

Please read below for details on estimating consumption, fee calculations and billing.

Estimating Water Consumption

A property owner's estimated annual water consumption is calculated using Aquarion Water Company's consumption data from approximately December 1 of the prior year through April 30 of the year billed.  The five months of data is then multiplied by 2.4 to approximate a full year (twelve months) of consumption.  The measurement period selected eliminates usage for watering lawns, pool filling, etc.

Consumption is measured in CCFs (one CCF = 100 cubic feet of water or 748 gallons).

The Town of Fairfield purchases actual consumption figures from Aquarion.  Your individual consumption history can be found on your Aquarion bill. For questions on water consumption contact Aquarion Water at 203-337-5991.

Setting the Sewer Rate

The Sewer Rate is set annually by the WPCA's Board of Commissioners at a public hearing.  The hearing is open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Calculating Your Sewer Use Fee

The sewer use fee for each individual property is determined by multiplying the property's estimated water consumption for the current year times the current year's Sewer Rate:

Estimated Water Consumption x 2.4 x Sewer Rate = Sewer Use Fee

There is currently an Annual Minimum Charge set each year when the Sewer Rate is set.


The sewer use fee is billed annually in October, if the bill is over $300.00 it will be due in two equal semi-annual installments (October 1 and the following April 1).  There is no reminder or second bill mailed in the spring.

The bill is for sewer use for the WPCA's current fiscal year (July 1 of the year billed through June 30 of the following year).  Similar to property taxes, the current property owner is responsible for the current year's sewer use fee.

The sending and collection of Sewer use bills is managed by the Tax Collector's Office.

Rate History

Sewer Rates are set by the WPCA's  Board of Commissioners at a public hearing each year.  Click here to see a history of sewer rates.


If you have questions regarding your water consumption or water bill, contact Aquarion Water at 203-337-5991.

If you have any questions regarding your sewer bills, contact the Sewer Department.