Information for Vendors

hand-truck - smallThe Purchasing Department strives to obtain the best value – quality, cost, and delivery – for all products and services purchased for our customers, the residents of the Town of Fairfield.  Following is important information for vendors who bid on projects for the Town of Fairfield.   


Suppliers may subscribe to BidPrime for real-time notification of the latest bids published by the Town of Fairfield.

Gifts and Gratuities

Town policy prohibits employees from accepting gifts and gratuities of any value. Your adherence to this policy will enable us to avoid the embarrassment of refusing or returning gifts.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to view bidding terms and conditions.

A Message to Visitors and Vendors:  Bid information may be accessed over the Internet as part of our effort to provide vendors with equal and timely access to information.  However, since there are many aspects of this technology outside of our control, we cannot guarantee any aspect of this process and it remains the vendor's responsibility to have the latest information and to submit completed quotations at the designated date, time and location