Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection
2023 Schedule

  Week 1 - November 6
  Week 2 - November 13
  [Thanksgiving Week - no pickup]
  Week 3 - November 27
  Week 4 - December 4


Collection Details

The Town of Fairfield provides four weeks of leaf collection for all neighborhoods outside of Greenfield Hill*. There is no pickup during Thanksgiving week to allow residents extra time to finish their raking. The weeks are determined based on weather conditions and leaf fall.

There is no specific pickup day for a particular street or neighborhood. Bags must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on Mondays to assure pickup during that week.

Bags placed outside of the Town right-of-way (for example: along driveways, inside stone walls or fences) will NOT be picked up.

*Greenfield Hill - Greenfield Hill residents may enter a service request (select "Leaf Collection Request (Greenfield Hill)") or call the Town Garage at 203-256-3177 to request leaf collection during weeks 1, 2 and 4.  The Greenfield Hill Leaf Collection Area is defined as the area north of Hulls Farm Road and west of Burr Street and the area east of Burr Street and north of Congress Street.  See the Leaf Collection Area Map for details.

Bagging Instructions

Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags. Do NOT seal the paper bags.

The following will NOT be picked up:

  • plastic bags
  • loose leaves
  • brush
  • branches
  • wood
  • grass

Raking Reminder

In order to avoid blocking catch basins, residents are reminded to not rake leaves into the gutter or street. Residents are also asked to make an effort to keep the catch basin grates in the vicinity of their home clear of leaves and debris to prevent local flooding.

Leaf Drop Off

The We Care Denali facility at the Public Works Yard is available for leaf and yard waste drop off.  The facility is open with extended hours beginning November 1 thru December 15. All other normal We Care Denali rules and policies remain in effect. Residents with a valid Beach/Dump Sticker on their vehicle can drop off less than 500 pounds of yard waste for no fee. Vehicles with loads greater than 500 pounds or vehicles with no stickers will be charged the applicable commercial rate.   Please visit We Care Denali for hours and other details.


Please enter a service request (select 'Leaf Collection') or contact the Town Garage with questions: (203) 256-3177.