Fairfield Medical Reserve Corps

The role of the Fairfield Medical Reserve Corps (FMRC) is to assist the Fairfield Health Department in times of public health or other emergencies with task such as the mass dispensing of vaccines or antibiotics or with the mass care/shelter needs of the residents of Fairfield and Easton. While the word “Medical” does appear in our title, it is important to understand that a successful response to almost any event would require the commitment of many non-medical members working alongside our medical members. The FMRC currently has about 243 members including 141 medical members and 102 non-medical members. The FMRC is comprised of volunteer residents mostly from the town of Fairfield and is coordinated and supported by the staff of the Fairfield Health Department.

Contact Information: 

Sands Cleary
Sullivan Independence Hall
725 Old Post Road
(203) 256-3020
Fairfield, CT 06824


How Do I Join?

There are a few steps to becoming a Medical Reserve Corps member that are required to enable you to be deployed safely with the protections provided by the State of CT.  The State of CT provides protections for deployed volunteers which are detailed in Title 28 of the CT General Statues.  To be eligible for these protections the State requires all volunteers to apply through the State's CT Responds System and this system conducts a background check on all volunteers.  To enable a background check you will be required to provide a social security number and other information. 

1.  Watch our Introduction Video to see if the Fairfield Medical Reserve Corps is right for you.
2. Register with CT Responds and complete the requested information.
3. Watch the Fairfield Medical Reserve Corps Orientation Video
4. Register for a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID). This is required to take the courses below offered by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute
5. Complete the FEMA Independent Study Online Courses IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command 
6. Complete the FEMA Independent Study Online Courses IS-700 B. Introduction to the National Incident Management System
7. Submit IS 100 and IS 700 B. course completion certificates to healthdept@fairfieldct.org  
The above represents the requirements of the State and National MRC programs and are the minimum training requirements to be deployed.  Once the above steps and successful background check are completed you will receive notification from the Fairfield Medical Reserve Corps. 

8. Once approved as a volunteer you will need to take a State required Loyalty Oath.  This must be administered by the local Director of Health or Emergency Management Director.
9. Obtain MRC Identification Badge.  You will be asked to provide or sit for a photo for the MRC ID. 

Volunteers will be offered to participate in additional training opportunities related to mass dispensing of medications, shelter operations, family assistance/reunification center operations and other topics.  In addition there will be opportunities to participate in local and/or regional exercises. 

Current Fairfield MRC Unit Volunteers (243 Total) : 

Volunteer Type and Count:
Physicians   31  
Physician Assistants   2  
Nurses  78 
Dentists   14  
Mental Health Professionals   3  
EMS Professionals  4
Other Public Health/Medical  8  
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical  102 

Update My Contact Information
Existing Fairfield MRC Volunteers can update their contact information here:


Information on other Medical Reserve Corps Units in the area, those in Connecticut and the National MRC Program.

For existing MRC Volunteers, to respond to notice from the Health Department about an exercise or real event click here to respond: