Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor is located on the Town Green in front of the Old Town Hall.  It was constructed to honor veterans who resided in Fairfield at the time of enlistment. There are over 5000 names on the wall.

Who Qualifies?

To be included on the Wall of Honor, a Veteran must have:

  1. Enlisted in an active service while living in Fairfield
  2. Served during a military conflict
  3. Been honorably discharged

How to Apply

To request inclusion on the Wall of Honor please submit:

  • a copy of the Veteran's DD 214 (Military Separation Document)
  • Name of the war the Veteran served in
  • Your contact information (name, phone and e-mail)
  • If you are not the Veteran and the Veteran is still alive, documentation that shows the Veteran wishes to have his/her name included on the Wall

Information can be submitted by entering an online Service Request and selecting "First Selectwoman's Office" under "Ask Us/Contact a Department" or by e-mailing or visiting the Office of the First Selectman.

Approval Process

Requests for inclusion on the wall are reviewed by the Office of the First Selectman, usually within ten days of the receipt of paperwork.  Those applying will receive notification of the approval from the office.

Names are placed on the wall once a year, shortly before Memorial Day.

How Can I Get a DD 214?

Don't have a copy of the DD 214?  If a Veteran has participated in the Town's tax relief program, a DD 214 may be on file with the Town Clerk's Office.  Please contact the Town Clerk's Office to inquire.  General information on obtaining a veteran's DD 214 can be found at archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records

Tax Exemptions

If you are a Veteran you may be eligible for a property tax exemptionFor more information of veterans and military tax exemptions, please contact the Fairfield Tax Assessor's office at 203-256-3000 or click here.