Annual Budget

2024-2025 Annual Budget

FY2025 Town Proposed Budget Documents
FY2025 Board of Education Budget Documents
FY2025 BOS Backup 
FY2025 BOF Backup 
  • Agendas, Packets (Backup), and Minutes can be found Here
FY2025 RTM Backup
FY25 BOF Mill Rate Setting Meeting

Fiscal Year

The Town of Fairfield's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. In the spring of any particular year, the budget that is approved commences on July 1.

Expense Component

There are three main components to the budget on the expense side:

  1. Board of Education - a single line item in the budget
  2. Town Side - department budgets, reserves for insurance, risk management
  3. Debt Service
Revenue Component

There are three main sources of revenue:

  1. Local Tax Revenue (residential and commercial)
  2. Non-Tax Revenue
  3. State Grants
Capital Funding

Capital requests valued between $100,000 and $1 million are handled through the non-recurring capital process and capital projects over $1 million are handled through the capital bonding process. These processes are separate and apart from the annual budget process and typically voted on in January and February.
The Town of Fairfield's budget process begins in January and ends in May. The Approved FY 24 Budget Can Be Read Here.

For details on the Board of Education budget, please visit the Board of Education's Budget Page. For general information on the budget process, please visit our Annual Budget Process Overview webpage.