Representative Town Meeting Standing Committees

Standing Committees (Finance, Legislation & Administration, Public Works & Planning, Education & Recreation, and Public Health & Safety) generally meet one week prior to the RTM meeting, on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm in the 2nd floor conference room at 501 Kings Highway East. Check the Town Meetings Calendar for meeting date or location changes.

Education & Recreation


Responsibilities:  Elementary, secondary, and adult-education items, libraries, and recreation

 Name Title
Steve Berecz (D)  Vice Chair
Cameron Choniski (R)
Margaret Horton (D) Secretary
Lisa Havey (D)  
Mark McDermott (D)  
Brooke Sparacino(R)  
Kelly Scinto (R)  
Marcy Spolyar (D) Chair



Responsibilities:  All matters relating to finance and issuance of notes and bonds

Name Title
Jim Meyers (R)  
William Gerber (D)  
John Kuhn (D)
Melissa Longo (R)  
Sharon Pistilli (D) Chair
Nick Mirabile (R)
Joseph Siebert (D) Vice-Chair
Elizabeth Zezima (D)  

Legislation & Administration


Responsibilities:  All matters relating to labor settlements, property, conveyances, leases, legal matters, ordinances, contractual items and board, commission and committee appointments

Name Title
Josh Garskof (D) Chair
Dru Georgiadis (D) Vice Chair
Amy Ruggiero (R)  
Tom Lambert (D) Secretary
Ed Bateson (R)  
Jeff Steele (R)  
Jill Vergara (D)
Karen P Wackerman (D)

Public Health & Safety


Responsibilities:  Public health, social services, police and fire safety

Name Title
Jennifer Barahona (D)  
Hank Ference (R) Vice Chair
Marty Furey (R)  
Jeff Galdenzi (D) Secretary
Hannah Gale (R)  
Laura Karson (D) Chair
Cindy Perham (D)  
Stori Tallman (R)  

Public Works & Planning


Responsibilities:  Public works, marinas, utilities and town planning, including those in which the town is regionally involved

Name Title
Ken Astarita (R)  
Peter Britton (R)  Vice Chair
Christine Brown (D)  Secretary
Andrew Graceffa (D)  
Alex Durrell (R)  
Karen McCormack (R)  
Jay Wolk (D) Chair
 Michelle McCabe (D)