Join Fairfield's Pollinator Pathway!

What is the Pollinator Pathway?

  • Pesticide-free corridors of native plants that provide
    nutrition and habitat for pollinators 
  • Goals: plant natives, avoid pesticides & rethink lawns
  • The Fairfield Board of Selectmen passed the
    Fairfield Pollinator Pathway Resolution on 6/21/2021

How to get Involved

  • Pledge to join Fairfield’s Pollinator Pathway & get on the map! 

  • Proudly display your own Pollinator Pathway medallion -
    $10 for a 6" sign or $20 for a 12" sign at CT Audubon & Wild Birds Unlimited or 
    contact us

  • Fairfield is one of over 300+ towns participating in the
    Pollinator Pathway Northeast

Examples of Fairfield's Public Pollinator Gardens

What are the Benefits of the Pollinator Pathway?


  • Flowers and crops depend on pollinators

  • Approximately 3 of every 4 plants relies on
    animals to pollinate

Human Health

  • Clean water and air

  • Promote an active lifestyle by encouraging people to go outside

  • Improve physical and mental health, reduce violence, and lower the level of fear

  • Help us learn better by helping concentration and reducing mental fatigue

  • Trees clean air by absorbing odors and pollutant gases

  • Trees save water: they slow evaporation and prevent soil erosion and flooding

  • Trees cool the streets and cities by up to 10º F

  • Help prevent water pollution and
    improve water quality

  • Prevent erosion and buffers impact from rain

  Quality of Life
  • Beautify space and increase property values

  • Increase business traffic and encourage people to slow down and notice stores

  • Provide valuable food and
    habitat for pollinators 

  • Create healthy food webs

  • Build a green corridor for biodiversity

Recent Projects:

In Progress:

  • Eagle Scout Project at Lake Mohegan

  • Walter Fitzgerald Alternative High School Campus
    Garden & Erosion Control Native Plant Installations

  • Scout Troops & Operation Hope Collaboration

  • Fairfield Woods Library Pocket Garden & Programming

 Completed Projects:

 List of public gardens

  • Burr Garden

  • Burroughs Road

  • Community Theatre Plaza

  • CT Audubon Birdcraft Museum and Sanctuary

  • CT Audubon Larsen Sanctuary

  • Fairfield Warde High School

  • Greenfield Hill Congregational Church
    Memorial Garden

  • Holland Hill Elementary School

  • Mill Hollow Park

  • Oaklawn Cemetery & Arboretum

  • Osborn Hill Elementary School

  • Smith-Richardson Clubhouse

  • Rockland Park

  • Town Hall Green

Where to get Native Plants

Current Initiatives

More Resources:

Affiliated sites

Landscaping tips

Organic gardening tips

For your enjoyment
Want to volunteer or start a project with us?
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Please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

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