About the Parking Authority

The Parking Authority of Fairfield manages parking, parking lots and station houses at the Fairfield Center and Southport Lot train stations.

  • Those utilizing the Fairfield Center Train Station may park at the Fairfield Center Station Lot. The Mill Plain Lot, which typically acts as an overflow lot for Fairfield Center Train Station, is temporarily closed. Yale New Haven Hospital is using the Mill Plain Lot as a COVID Testing Site.  Please do not park in the Mill Plain Lot until further notice.
  • Those utilizing the Southport Train Station may park at the Southport Station Lot or Trinity Church Lot.   

The Parking Authority:

  • Issues Parking Permits for Fairfield Center and Southport Train Stations.
  • Maintains permit Waitlists for train station parking. 
  • Collects Day Parking fees (payable at the kiosk or on the mobile app).
  • Manages Overnight Parking.
  • Manages rental space in Station Houses.
  • Makes capital improvements to the Station Houses and Lots.

Please Note:  Tickets, such as parking illegally in a handicapped space, are handled by the Fairfield Police Department,.

The Fairfield Center and Southport stations are owned by the State but maintained by the Parking Authority.  Visit the Fairfield Metro Station web page for information regarding the management and maintenance of the Fairfield Metro Station.