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Open Space Trails

An extensive network of trails open to the public free of charge is found throughout the open space system. Depending on the particular open space area, the trails are used for hiking, leisurely walking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. They also provide all of the benefits associated with the enjoyment of scenic views and the natural environment. The trails also allow the open space areas to serve as outdoor classrooms for nature study by students of all ages.

In 2009, thanks to Frank Rice, former Conservation Commission member and Fairfield University biology professor, a guide book entitled 'Walking Through Fairfield's Open Spaces' was published.  The book was created as a guide to some of the more popular Open Space walking and hiking trails in Fairfield. Professor Rice undertook the project not only to encourage use and enjoyment of the open spaces, but also to promote environmental stewardship.  In 2019, content from the book was made available online.

Guided Trails

The Town has guided trail maps for the following open spaces.   Below is both a map view and list view for these spaces. A complete version of the guide book can be viewed here.

List View

Click on the name in the Open Space column below to visit a webpage dedicated to the individual open space.  Click in the Map column to view its trail map. 

Open Space   Acreage Trail
Brett Woods  185.7 Map In the northern part of town;  Commonly used for hiking, horseback riding, camping, and cross-country skiing
Flower House Drive and Duck Farm  5 Map On the east bank of the Mill River; Adjacent to Riverfield parcel
Grace Richardson  87.4 Map Located near Lake Mohegan in the Mill River watershed;  Enjoyed mostly by hikers.
Hoyden's Hill  58.5 Map Previously used as farmland;  Well-suited for hiking and cross-country skiing
Lake Mohegan 170.4 Map Part of the Mill River watershed;  Offers opportunities for hiking, picnicking, fishing and horseback riding
Mill Hollow 9 Map East side of the Mill River, just downstream of Sturges Road Bridge; abuts Perry's Mill Ponds
Mountain Laurel 23.9 Map Mostly forested area near the Mill River and Black Rock Turnpike;  Primarily used by hikers
Penfield Mills 25 Map Near Ash Creek; Offers boating, fishing, shellfishing, hiking, picnicking, and a playground
Perry's Mill Ponds 81.4 Map Located on the Mill River near a historic dam; Well-suited for hiking and fishing
Pine Creek Marsh 77  Map Encompasses the tidal wetlands of the Pine Creek watershed; ideal for hiking
Riverfield 18.5 Map Near Riverfield School and the floodplain of the Mill River
Samp Mortar Rock  7.3 Map Just west of Samp Mortar Lake; Used for historic conservation, hiking and wildlife conservation
Springer Glen  38 Map Located near the Mill River floodplain; Best for hiking and fishing

Map View

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Hiking Advice

It is always important to be prepared when hiking.  Click on the links below for some helpful tips and reminders.

Trail Maps and Other Documents

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