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3/31/2023 - 3.31 TOWN UPDATE
Dear Fairfielders,

Last week began the celebration of Ramadan, a month of prayer and reflection for Muslims around the world. Next week, many of us will celebrate the religious holidays of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter. These holidays coincide with the arrival of Spring, where we celebrate renewal, rebirth, freedom, and forgiveness.

I want to wish all Fairfielders, whatever you may celebrate, a wonderful holiday with your families and friends.

As a reminder, Town offices are closed on Friday, April 7
th for Good Friday.

Flags are flying at half-staff in memory of the lives lost at a Nashville Elementary School this week. News 12's story with the Fairfield Police Department highlights the work our School Safety Division does every day to train for these types of incidents. It's a sad reality that we live in a time where we have to be prepared for these scenarios. Our Police Department has analyzed the circumstances, as they always do, to assess what they can learn, to improve and build upon their training to protect our community. 

My thoughts align with our Police Department in their recent 
letter to our school's staff and students. My heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones in yet another horrible tragedy.
This week's update is long! You can use the quick links below to jump to topics you may care about most:
My administration made it a top priority to propose a town budget for the 2024 Fiscal Year that produced a tax increase below 1%. I felt it was extremely important in the face of inflationary challenges and the rising costs of utilities. I have read many communities around us proposing higher mill rate increases due to these same challenges. A recent analysis was done by the CT Coastal Times of municipal budgets in our area that you can read here

Last night, the Board of Finance (BOF) voted on the Town budget, with some changes to what was approved by the Board of Selectmen (BOS). This is a fluid and long process, over which time, the town receives updated numbers on health care, insurance costs and other financial information. The overall changes made by the BOF brought the BOS proposal of a .98% increase to .99%. During last night's meeting, a majority of the Board voted for more aggressive budgeting with investment income. I shared with the Board my concerns that revenue growth in future budgets will be limited, which could unnecessarily cause tax increases in the future. The next step in the process is for the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) to review and vote on the budget, where they only have the authority to reduce, not add. The last step is for the Board of Finance to set the final mill rate on May 4th.  

Click here to visit the budget website.
I frequently hear from residents across our town regarding speeding, traffic, safety and walkability in Town. At Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting the Engineering Department and the Police Chief discussed updates made to the Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan. 

You can watch the portion of the meeting with the presentation by Engineering & Police here and view the updated draft document here

The Town of Fairfield recognizes the need to encourage walking and biking for transportation, recreation, exercise and quality of life. Walking and biking conserve energy, improve air quality, reduce traffic and the need for parking, improve health and fitness, and invigorate the local economy through increased access to local businesses and greater potential for tourism.

The Complete Streets Policy, as a component of the Master Plan, encourages the Town of Fairfield to providein all types of transportation and development projectsfor the needs of all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and drivers, and with special attention given to vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly and persons with disabilities.
That being said, the Town often gets requests for sidewalks, stop signs, bike-only lanes and much more, but some of our residents don't fully understand some of the constraints the town has to operate within. This updated document does a great job of informing our citizens on the parameters and the process by which many of these changes must go through to be made.
It was an honor and a pleasure to welcome the CT Department of Veterans Affairs of Fairfield County (DVA), serving veterans since 1864, to a new office location in Fairfield at the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities.

I was enthusiastic to work with Veterans Service Officer Ramon Agosto and Human & Social Services Director Julie DeMarco for more than a year to pave the way for a new office to move to Fairfield from Bridgeport with the goal of connecting all veterans and their families to the experts to gain access to the services and programs tailored specifically for them.

I want to sincerely thank Julie and Ramon, and his staff, for all their efforts in organizing the DVA's move to Fairfield and their continued support of our veterans. On Tuesday, I was inspired during the grand opening ceremony, by Commissioner Thomas J. Saadi's words as he spoke about what it means to protect and serve our country, all branches of our Military, "One Force, One Fight". It was great to see such an incredible turnout of veterans from across the county in support of the DVA's new endeavor in Fairfield, where they also joined us for a ribbon cutting.

The newly opened Office of Advocacy and Assistance provides assistance to veterans, their eligible spouses and eligible dependents in obtaining veterans benefits under federal, state and local laws. The DVA Veterans Service Officers will work with Fairfield Veterans and their families, as well as serve veterans within the entire congressional district. I know we will do great things together in service of our veterans.

For a tour, information or an application, contact the Admissions Office at (860) 616-3802.
In my last update, I shared with residents that several members of the RTM were proposing a new noise ordinance for the Town. You can read about it in a recent article here. The ordinance was discussed at the March 20th RTM Committee Meeting. 

On Tuesday morning, I joined Melissa in the Morning on WICC to discuss the current status and details of the ordinance. You can listen to the conversation here starting at 12:33.

The original proposal is in the RTM backup on page 246 here. After some debate about the implications of this ordinance, and the unintended consequences of the way it is currently written, the sponsors have decided to refer it back to the Legislation and Administration Committee of the RTM to make modifications. 
I couldn’t be more thrilled to join Carolyn Vermont, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, last Friday to sign the lease agreement for Fairfield’s first ever Habitat project to create four affordable housing units on Greenfield Street in Fairfield's Tunxis Hill area.

I look forward to finding more opportunities for Fairfield to partner with Habitat in the future. I don't think there is a better organization to partner with that will get the job done as efficiently as Habitat for Humanity.
I am very pleased to report the Town received confirmation in writing that FEMA made the decision to suspend the CRS retrograde and other potential enforcement actions, as the “community has been able to demonstrate evidence of progress towards compliance at Penfield Pavilion”.

After last Thursday's vote at the RTM
 in concurrence with the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance in supporting the proposal to repair Penfield Pavilion and remediate the contaminated soil under the building, I sent a letter to FEMA, seeking reconsideration of the insurance retrograde. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get all three boards to vote in the short time frame FEMA gave us, but I am grateful for the elected officials who voted in favor to support moving this project forward and avoid the negative consequences.

I want to thank Congressman Himes and his staff for taking quick action and assisting my administration in facilitating discussions with FEMA, as well as the entire federal delegation for sending a letter supporting our request for reconsideration. 

Spending Town resources on this project is certainly not something to celebrate, but I am grateful we won't be losing this beautiful asset enjoyed by so many in our community. Residents and elected officials alike are all clearly frustrated that we have to spend hard-earned tax dollars to fix a manufactured problem that we inherited, in order to comply with federal and state regulatory agencies.

The good news is, this project will be paid for with surplus funds already set aside over the last two years. 

Some of the comments at the RTM meeting were what I would characterize as unbecoming of local government officials. Leadership means making difficult decisions and proposing solutions, sometimes in the face of opposition. Following the law is central to my administration. Residents will always know where I stand, and I will continue to put good policy and what I think is best for Fairfield before politics.  

I know I join many of our residents in looking forward to putting this unfortunate chapter behind us.
Penfield Update
On Wednesday, March 29th, I joined Public Works Union President, Dan Kaczegowicz, members of the Public Works Union and our Human Resources Director Cathleen Simpson to officially sign their contract after reaching an agreement on a four-year deal. All parties worked together to settle on a contract that is fair and reasonable and benefits both the Town and the employees.
After COVID caused delay for many of our Town’s open collective bargaining contracts, I was particularly happy the town was able to settle another contract for our town employees. 

The Public Works Union encompasses employees who serve in the Conservation, Golf Course, WPCA, Parks, and Public Works Departments. The importance of the Public Works staff for the Town cannot be underestimated, as they are an integral part of the Town’s municipal operations, from snow plowing, road maintenance, grass and tree cutting, building maintenance and much, much more.

Since COVID subsided, the Town was able to settle contracts with the Emergency Communications Center, Police, Nurses, Professional & Technical Employees Association (PETA) and the Town Hall Employees Association (THEA).
Left to right: Rob Lazar, Paving Foreman, Luis Torres, Equipment Operator, John W. Johnson, Foreman Superintendent for Carl J. Dickman Par 3 Golf Course, United Public Service Employees Union (UPSEU) Labor Relations Specialist Mark Sheehan, Daniel Kaczegowicz, Union President, Daniel D. Hayes, Union Vice-President & HR Director Cathleen Simpson
Last Wednesday, I invited members of our State's Department of Transportation (DOT) for a tour of the areas impacted by the recent unprecedented I-95 tree cutting.

There are federal regulations that mandate the state clear trees near major highways to prevent trees from falling on cars. We had a discussion about protocols for future tree removal and the promise that the state will notify abutting property owners before work begins. Tree cutting in Fairfield will continue along I-95 northbound between exits 23 and 25, however, the state doesn't have a schedule yet as to when that work will begin. 

We have requested and discussed future replanting with the DOT. While they haven't agreed to a plan yet, I did make it very clear that residents close to the highway that were impacted by the southbound tree cutting deserve to have new trees planted to buffer the noise from the highway.

I also learned on Wednesday, while visiting many locations along I-95, that the State has developed a pollinator corridor program throughout Connecticut. We discussed some areas in Fairfield, where we can implement these pollinator corridors to improve their appearance and be environmentally friendly. DOT did identify several exit ramp areas that they will return to, which includes mowing everything down, cleaning debris and naturally mulching those areas. I will continue to keep our community updated on this progress.

I support the efforts of our State Delegation, most notably Senator Tony Hwang and State Representative Jennifer Leeper's proposed HB 6745. If passed, this bill would require the Department of Transportation to develop and implement a program for the construction of noise barriers along an existing highway, require the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to submit a plan to implement a state-wide decibel level testing program by October 1, 2023, and permit a municipality to enforce a state regulation prohibiting the idling of a motor vehicle for more than three consecutive minutes.

click here to view testimony I submitted in support of HB 6745.
On March 22nd, I held a meeting with residents regarding the Water Pollution Control Facility with DPW Interim Director John Marsilio, DPW Assistant Director John Cottell, WPCA Project Manager Christine Pacelli and Interim WPCA Superintendent Ron Wallace. I know this situation has been very frustrating for our residents who live in and around the area of the facility. The goal was to provide an opportunity for neighbors to ask questions about the operations and learn more about the timeline for the ongoing project to fix the digester.

Digester Status
  • The primary digester processes the raw wastewater sludge that is eventually turned into compost at the plant
  • Without the primary digester, the sludge remains raw, as it cannot be processed or broken down to reduce the waste content, and therefore has a much stronger odor
  • Tucker Mechanical received a P.O. in early February to repair the damage to the primary digester
  • Exterior repair work began on February 13th
  • Air testing of the digester interior is being conducted now; estimated report by end of the week
  • If a good report is issued, workers will be able to enter the tank and proceed with interior repairs
  • Construction completion target currently remains last week in May
  • Once repairs are complete, recommissioning of the digester commences for the following 45 days
  • The plant has an existing odor control system in which odorous air from multiple locations is collected and treated via a biofilter
  • The biofilter is a large pile of wood chips at the corner of the plant property that employs microorganisms to feed on the odorous compounds found in the air
  • The existing biofilter is at the end of its useful life due to the strain of filtering the stronger odors
  • Work is currently being conducted in-house to replace this odor-control component
  • Completion is expected by end of this week
Aerosol/Vapor Application
  • In addition to refreshing the biofilter, we are pursuing the installation of vapor/aerosol deodorizers at the compost facility and dewatering the building where odors originate. This is anticipated to be installed by mid-April
  • A similar vapor phase odor control product is used at the Transfer Station
After 30 years of dedication and service to the Town of Fairfield, Youth Services & Program Coordinator Ginna Paules is retiring from our Parks & Recreation Department. Ginna has proudly served in her hometown, planning many beloved Town events like the Annual Tree Lighting and Easter Egg Scramble as well as overseeing hundreds of community programs like tennis, golf and yoga. Over the years, Ginna has brought her vibrant energy and creativity to the department, which will be greatly missed.

I wish Ginna and her family much happiness and good health as she settles into her well-earned retirement.
The State Legislature is in session and during this month there will be many public hearings for proposed bills. You can see the weekly schedule, sign up to track bills, watch live and learn how to submit testimony for or against any bill through

To view bills proposed by State Senator Tony Hwang, click here.
To view bills proposed by State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey, 
click here
To view bills proposed by State Representative Jennifer Leeper, 
click here.
To view bills proposed by State Representative Sarah Keitt, 
click here

For questions on pending station legislation, reach out to your State Senator and State Representative. You can find their contact information here.
On March 27th, the Fairfield Police Department joined our community at Jersey Mike's in Fairfield to celebrate Armani's wish to go to LEGOLAND. Thank you to Make-A-Wish Connecticut, Jersey Mike's Subs and everyone else who cheered as Armani arrived for his special wish celebration.
For more than two decades, antisemitism has been on the rise, first in Europe and other regions, and more recently, here in the United States. I hope you will take the time to read the 2022 survey on antisemitism and other information on the American Jewish Committee's website.

I have most recently been contacted by multiple residents concerning this issue our nation is facing, and I wanted to share with residents the importance of becoming an ally in the fight against antisemitism. 
ADL's Audit of Antisemitic Incidents 2022 reflects record-breaking levels of antisemitic incidents: there were 3,697 acts of assault, vandalism, and harassment. This is an average of more than 10 antisemitic incidents per day. With these statistics on the rise, we need to combat all forms of hatred and intolerance as a society. I encourage residents to join me in signing the pledge here.
Wish-Cycling happens when you toss something into your recycling bin that should be thrown in the trash, but you wish for it to be recycled. High contamination in single-stream recycling is costly to the Town and counterproductive.

Please keep the recycling stream clean! 
Click here to view a list of contaminants to avoid in Fairfield’s Recycling Stream.
Over the past few weeks, my office has received emails and calls regarding rumors the Fairfield Post Offices were closing. We reached out to Congressman Jim Himes’ Office for more information as the Post Office is a function of the federal government. 

Congressman Himes' Office informed us that neither the landlord nor the USPS has lease termination rights, so pulling out of the current lease is not an option. It is the intent of the USPS to renew the lease when it expires on November 30, 2027.

USPS confirmed its commitment to staying in the existing retail spaces, with no changes to local post office operations. USPS may move employees' start and end locations with regard to the sorting and delivering of packages consistent with national USPS changes for more centralized operations. USPS employees may also have a change in where postal carriers begin and end their routes for delivery. For customers, there is no change in that packages would still be delivered in a timely manner. Post office and retail operations will not change.

For any additional questions regarding Post Office service, you can reach out directly to Congressman Himes' Office 
Last week, the students of Sacred Heart University came together for Social Justice Week. As part of this initiative, Sacred Heart and Delta Tau Delta are committed to hosting an annual White Ribbon Campaign event for men to have the opportunity to sign a pledge to end violence against females. 
The White Ribbon Campaign’s mission is to end violence against women by engaging men in the process of personal, relational, and social change. The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls. Domestic and sexual violence is not just a woman’s issue. Wearing a white ribbon is a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women and girls.

You can join them on Saturday, April 29th for the 11th annual Center for Family Justice's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event.
On the evening of March 18th, a call was dispatched to Fairfield Animal Control, a resident noticed an injured bird laying by the road, on Kings Drive. Animal Control Officer Paul Miller (ACO) responded to the call and immediately called Dabney Bowen, who I appointed as the town's Animal Control Wildlife Advisor. Dabney arrived, and ACO Miller and helped her safely loaded the bird in a vehicle to be transported to the vet.

The bird is an adult Red-Tailed Hawk. After being examined by the vet, it appears to have a broken upper shoulder bone. The Hawk is being cared for at Christine’s Critters, in Weston, and is expected to make a full recovery.

I want to thank Dabney and ACO Miller for always going above and beyond to care for our wildlife and all animals.
I have always been a strong advocate for equal education. Throughout my six years on the Fairfield Board of Education, that was one of my top priorities. 

I welcome the news that Hartford resident Matthew Fitzsimons, founder of the Grace Academy, and his partners are opening Covenant School of Bridgeport. This tuition-free all-boys middle school aims to teach students from lower-income areas. The school will be a great addition to the area and a step toward providing the best education for our children.

The school will be located on Edison Avenue in Fairfield and is set to open this fall in anticipation of the 2023/2024 school year.
I am very proud of Mitchell Thomas Petrecca, Michael C.W. Lau and Sean Conrad McCurley of Troop 90, who have each earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Each of them has demonstrated strength in their leadership roles and been active members of our community through their Eagle Scout Projects and volunteer services.
Jim and Kristen Kuczo lost their incredible son, Kevin in 2021. Since then, it has been their mission to spread mental health awareness and the importance of being kind to others. My mother always said, "Be kind to everyone because you do not know the burden they may be carrying."

The Kuczo’s neighbors generously donated a bench in Kevin’s honor in the park near their home bearing the words, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”. Inspired by this kind and powerful act, the Kuczos are hoping to have benches, called Buddy Benches, to help teach children at an early age the importance of empathy. 
It was wonderful to hear Reef Shack has now installed a Buddy Bench in front of their restaurant. 
I am so grateful to live in a community that shows compassion for one another. I hope we can all spread Kevin’s Afterglow by bringing his light and love to our community through acts of kindness, generosity, compassion and empathy.
The Fairfield Rotary Club held its annual Pillars of the Community “Service Above Self” Award ceremony to celebrate those who have gone above and beyond for our community last Friday. Each recipient received the Rotary’s Paul Harris Community Service Award.

The honorees included Becky Bunnell of the Fairfield Sustainable Task Force, Dan Cassette, One Club Founder, Kenneth Dalling, Veteran & Neighbor (posthumously), Al DiGuido of Al’s Angels and Jim Kuczo of Kevin’s Afterglow.

I want to thank the Fairfield Rotary Club for organizing this wonderful event and congratulate those who were awarded for their selfless service. Please click here to read more about the honorees. 
On Wednesday, I was invited to Fairfield Ludlowe High School where students prepared a tasting menu for Fairfield County representatives in celebration of their partnership with Whitsons Culinary Group to bring locally sourced produce to Fairfield Public School cafeterias.

Our Fairfield Public Schools is the very first school district in Connecticut to participate in Whitsons’ Greenleaf program partnership with food hub 
Red Tomato and their EcoCertified™ program. 

I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to our high schoolers at both Ludlowe and Warde's culinary programs that give students who have an interest in food sustainability and the culinary arts. 
If you missed the live One Book, One Town author event, you can watch it on YouTube here. The book, I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye, was written by a Fairfield resident, Ivan Maisel.

This is the first time our community has chosen an author from Fairfield for One Book, One Town. Choosing this book presents a unique opportunity for holding a town-wide read about suicide that we have sadly faced many times in our community from individuals as young as Max to those of retirement age.
When I was a State Legislator for Fairfield, mental health was a top priority. Today, there is still so much more work to be done at all levels of government.

I want to thank Ivan and his family for sharing Max with us and commend him and his family for finding the strength to use their experience to try and help others.
Many thanks to Bigelow Center for Senior Activities for inviting me for coffee and conversation last Tuesday morning at the Center. I always look forward to spending time with our seniors. We had a great discussion and many important questions were brought up.
Yesterday I was invited to Sherman Elementary School to speak with third, fourth and fifth grade students about local government and how students can be active in our community.

I think it is important for kids to be engaged on a community level and learn more about the history of the town they are growing up in. I was particularly happy to find out our discussion correlated with what the students are currently learning in their classes. It helps them get a real-life sense of what government is like.
This course is designed for those responsible for overseeing and completing winter operations of roadways. Supervisors and Operators are encouraged to attend.

WHAT: Sustainability in Winter Operations is more important than ever. With environmental impacts increasing and budgets continuing to decline, winter maintenance professionals must employ best practices to minimize salt use and maximize their operations for both fiscal and environmental stewardship. This class focuses on those best practices for salt application and maintaining facilities and equipment. Instructors use demonstrations and case studies to illustrate the positive impact these strategies can have on your community and operations.

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, April 6th at the Fairfield Regional Fire School from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (lunch will be provided)

Please click here for more information and to register. If you require an accommodation to participate in this workshop, please contact Bethe Greene at
Make Music Fairfield Returns Wednesday, June 21st! The global "Fête de la Musique" returns to Fairfield for the 6th summer solstice celebration of free music all over town. Registration is open for all interested musicians, performers and venue hosts. Do you play an instrument? Can you sing? Can you keep a beat? Then you qualify to participate! 

Do you have a front porch, a sidewalk, a courtyard? Then you can be a performance host! Please 
click here to sign up, or come to our information session on Monday, April 3rd from 5:00 PM 
– 7:00 PM at the Fairfield Theatre Company.
The Fairfield Police Department is proud to partner with Social Work and Law Enforcement (SWLE) Project and presents: Bridging Communities in Response to the Opioid Crisis. On Friday, April 14th from 8:00 AM –12:00 PM, a training (Free & Open to the Public) will be hosted at Sacred Heart University's School of Social Work at West Campus, East Auditorium.

To register, please click 
Please click here to open the April 2023 Bigelow Center for Senior Activities newsletter.
AARP Tax Help: AARP Foundation is again offering free, in-person tax prep services. Appointments for hour-long sessions with trained, certified volunteers will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 9:00 AM and noon, through 
April 12th.        

Although this service is geared toward seniors with limited incomes, AARP volunteers will assist anyone of any age. Volunteers do not have access to your prior year's information. Call (203) 256-3166 to make an appointment. Appointments fill up fast.

Check out the Social Services Winter Newsletter for various programs addressing financial assistance programs; information for Veterans; career development; and mental health help.

We have a few spots left in two new classes being offered this month: Cardio Drumming and the Watercolor Art Class–more information is in the email blast and April newsletter. Lifelong Learner spring classes begin on Monday, April 3rd. There are still openings in some of these wonderful classes, and class information is in the April newsletter. 

We look forward to coffee and donuts on Monday, April 3rd, at 10:00 AM with the staff from CT Department of Veteran's Affairs. We are also showing a movie on Monday at 12:45 PM: Easter Parade.

What to Expect When You’re New to Medicare in 2023
Presented by Claire Volain, CHOICES on Wednesday, April 19th, 11:00 AM 
 1:00 PM.

register and join us for this virtual information session on Medicare basis.
Since April of 1872, Arbor Day has been celebrated throughout the United States on the last Friday of April, which falls on April 28th this year. This day was spearheaded by a resident & newspaper editor, J. Sterling Morton, in Nebraska who recognized the value of caring for trees.
Last year, I was happy to join Brownie Troop 30447 with our Tree Warden Jeff Minder at Riverfield School to issue them a proclamation declaring Arbor Day and help plant four dogwoods and one elm tree for the Troop’s Take Action Project, which is improving the overall quality of the school’s playground.  
Please click here to read about Fairfield's Tree Planting Program, and here for our Commemorative Tree Program.

You can also join the Pollinator Pathway for an Earth Day/Healthy Kids Celebration Saturday, April 29th, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Fairfield YMCA, 841 Old Post Road.
It's always exciting to welcome and support new businesses in Fairfield. Our local business' success is Fairfield's success.
What an exciting day welcoming Just Salad to Fairfield this past Tuesday! You can check out their location at 2267 Black Rock Turnpike, or view their full menu of delicious salads and wraps online here.
I am happy to officially welcome Cornerstone Medical Training Center to Fairfield, located at 689 Kings Highway East.

The Center is open for enrollment for CPR, nursing, technicians and CNA refresher courses. Tuition and job placement assistance are available. For more information, you can call (833) 854-4454 or visit their 
Photos by Mike Lauterborn of Fairfield HamletHub

I hope you have a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Brenda L. Kupchick
Fairfield First Selectwoman

The Health Department has received an additional 5000 COVID-19 test kits for distribution to the public. Test kits be picked up at the Health Department’s Office at Sullivan Independence Hall or the Recreation Department’s Mill Plain Road Office. These kits have an extended expiration date of July 21, 2023. Before discarding any test kits you have, check the FDA Website to see if their expiration date has been extended.
Pink Pop Up Party has become one of Norma Pfriem Breast Center’s signature fundraising events over the years because of its reputation for being a lot of fun while supporting the underserved patients at the Breast Center.

The theme of this year's Pink Pop Up Party is "Rock the Boat". We'll be turning the Fairfield Theatre Company into a yacht including a casino, live yacht rock music, tropical drinks, seafood and more!

Your sponsorship/ticket purchase will help the Center continue our mission to provide screening and diagnostic mammograms to the many underserved women of our community who might otherwise be unable to access these vital services.
Flagman Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives, is launching its national K-12 Education Outreach program in Fairfield from April 17th  28th. The program aims to educate students about their role in road safety and the importance of slowing down and moving over for first responders and highway workers.
The Iodice family, a highly regarded member of Fairfield's towing community for nearly 70 years, founded Flagman Inc. in response to the tragic death of Corey Iodice, who was struck and killed while assisting a disabled motorist.
The objective of Flagman’s K-12 education outreach program is to instill in students a sense of responsibility when driving or riding in a vehicle and to raise awareness about the importance of safety for first responders and highway workers. To engage students, Flagman's education team is seeking gift cards ($5) or monetary donations to support the initiative. Your support of the Flagman Slow Down Move Over K-12 program will help educate our youth and save lives.
This spring, UI will begin pruning and removing trees as part of the Utility Protection Zone Program. Residents will be notified prior to any work being conducted. The list of streets can be found here. For more information, visit UI's website here

Work planners from UI, Nelson Tree Service, Lewis Tree Service and Asplundh Tree Experts will be canvassing neighborhoods and contacting residents in early spring.
Operation Hope’s Food Pantry is open all Winter to all Fairfield residents on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and Thursday from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
Items can be dropped off at 636 Old Post Road between 9:15 AM 
 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. During the month of March, Operation Hope is in need of the following items:
  • Paper Towels
  • Size 6 Diapers
  • Sugar & Oil
  • Microwave Popcorn & Crackers
  • Canned Fruit
  • Stew & Clam Chowder
  • Canned Fish Other Than Tuna
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Honey
  • Ensure, Boost & Glucerna
  • Shaving Cream
  • All Purpose Cleaners & Sponges
Thank you for considering a donation to help them feed our hungry neighbors!
Both branches of Fairfield Public Library will be closed on Friday, April 7th, and Sunday, April 9th, for the Easter holidays.

The Library thanks the town of Fairfield for their support of our One Book One Town initiative this month. Over 600 people attended the keynote address of Ivan Maisel, local author of the memoir I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye, at the Quick Center at Fairfield University, and many others attended our related programming for adults, teens and children.

On Saturday, April 1st, the Lion’s Gate Trio will perform at Main Library at 2:00 PM as part of the Soundwaves series of concerts sponsored by The Friends of Fairfield Public Library. Music will feature folk-inspired pieces by Ukrainian composer Vasyl Barinsky, new music by Evan Williams, and a Romantic masterpiece by Czech composer Bedrich Smetana. A reception to meet the musicians will follow.

The Friends of the Library will also sponsor a day of mini-golf at Main Library on Sunday, April 23rd, from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. This all-ages event will cost $5 per person or $20 per family, and all proceeds will benefit Fairfield Public Library. Register that day in the Rotary Room at Main Library and buy a raffle ticket to win some fun prizes while you’re there!

The public is invited to view the current art exhibit “Moon Dance” at the Bruce S. Kershner Art Gallery at Main Library until April 15th“Moon Dance” features the work of photographer Steve Labkoff and painters Ronnie Gold and Marjorie Sopkin. Drop by and view this dazzling display during regular Library hours. The Gallery’s next exhibit, “Places to Wander,” will open on April 22nd.

Until April 18th, IRS-certified volunteers will provide free tax preparation assistance to seniors and low-income households on Tuesdays at Main Library, either in-person or virtually, from 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM. In-person help is on a first-come, first-served basis; the virtual option can be accessed 
herePlease call (203) 256-3160 for more information.

The Library continues to offer a mix of in-person and virtual programming at both locations for children, teens and adults. Please view our online calendar of events on our website to see the offerings and reserve your spot!

Fairfield Public Library offers 24/7 access to its digital collection of books, music, magazines, movies and databases. Information services are available in person, by phone (203-256-3160), by email at, and via text messaging (text askfplct to 833-232-4100).
All are welcome to join Pequot Library for a variety of free cultural and educational programs throughout the month of April. The Schubert Club Piano Ensemble returns on April 1
st at 2:00 PM for a varied program of ensemble music.
On April 3rd at 5:00 PM, the library looks forward to hosting Jerry Pallotta, author of the Who Would Win book series, for a talk about alphabet books and book signing developed in conjunction with the current Special Collections exhibition, Alphabets, Bedtime Stories, and Cautionary Tales: Children’s Books and the Shaping of American Identity on view through May 6, 2023. 

Tuesday, April 4th, marks Library Giving Day, an annual day of supporting libraries and this year, once again, Pequot Library seeks donations to expand its circulating book and audio collection. Join us for a special 10:30 AM. Drop-In Storytime and a Building and History Tour with Adult Programs Manager Charlie McMahon at 3:00 PM. Library Giving Day on April 4th culminates with the 6:00 PM launch of the new Young Patrons Group, a dynamic group of friends, neighbors, and supporters in their 20s, 30s, and 40s looking to engage with their community through the lens of arts and culture at the library. This fun gathering is free and open to the public as an opportunity to showcase Pequot Library to all young (or young at heart) friends and neighbors. Courtney White will return as the guest speaker to talk about her time as the president of the Food Network, when she worked with Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, and Guy Fieri, as well as highlight works from the library’s historic cookbook collection donated by Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin. White now works as the President of Butternut, a lifestyle and entertainment media company.

At 10:00 AM on April 8th, the library holds its annual Easter Egg Roll on the Great Lawn. Dance the bunny hop, make crafts, play games, and meet the Easter Bunny himself. Finally, Fairfield University professor Bryan Ripley Crandall, Ph.D. and colleagues join us on April 13th at 6:00 PM for a panel discussion, "Debate and Controversy: Youth Literature in the Twenty-First Century". This program has been developed in conjunction with the current Special Collections exhibition, Alphabets, Bedtime Stories, and Cautionary Tales: Children’s Books and the Shaping of American Identity, on view through May 6, 2023.

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