10/29/2015 - 2016 Slip Contract Renewal Notice


 South Benson Marina Boaters:

 Please be aware of the following important changes to the slip renewal process;

 The slip renewal form will be emailed to you the last week of December.


After printing the form, please make corrections before submitting it, along with the required documents. Any falsification of documents will result in a loss of slip.

The renewal deadline is now the third Wednesday of February.  This date falls on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 next year. Please mark your calendar.

 Your packet must now be physically received **IN THE OFFICE**,

postmarks have no bearing.

 Applications for boat slips in Town marinas shall be submitted only by permanent residents of the Town of Fairfield.  Renewal applications along with, non-refundable payment and the following documents, Vessel Registration, Liability Insurance, Proof of Residency must be received in the Public Works Administrative Office by the close of business on the third Wednesday of February.  (Feb. 17, 2016) If an application and non-refundable payment are not received in the office by the close of business on February 17, 2016, it will result in the loss of slip.  If any items, other than the check and application, are missing from the packet a $250 late fee will be assessed.  If an application packet is not complete and received in the office by the close of business on April 15, it will result in the loss of slip.

Click on this link to read the updated Rules and Regulations. Page 7 paragraphs A and B.

Don’t forget to have all of the necessary documents accessible!

Don’t leave your registration and proof of insurance aboard the boat!

Don’t be that person who has to go out to the boat in 4’ of snow with the sun setting, in single digit temperatures, under a shrink-wrapped or canvas cover!

Don’t forget that in order to get an “M” sticker, we must have your car registration

In summary, along with non-refundable payment, the following documents are required with your signed application for renewal:

-Vessel Registration

-Vessel Insurance Policy

-CT Driver’s license and Proof of Residence i.e. utility bill. (Taxes and Mortgage statements do not show residency)

-Car registration for “M” sticker

Payment should be in the form of cash or check. We do not accept credit cards.

Please remember to notify this office if you have a change of email or other contact information.

Thank you, and have a great winter.