2/20/2015 - Notice For Late Submittals And Incomplete Slip Applications

South Benson Boaters:

 All slip renewal applications (both complete and incomplete) submitted past the February 15, 2015 deadline will be returned to you along with the uncashed check. Per the decision of the Park and Recreation Commission no application will be accepted after the deadline of Feb.15, 2015

The Public Works Office received some incomplete applications prior to the deadline. The Parks and Recreation Commission set a date of Friday, March 6, 2015 to provide the missing documents to this office before your slip is forfeited.

Your packet with the following items must be IN THE OFFICE BY
4:30PM FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2015.
Any correspondence received after March 6th will not be accepted. This office cannot be responsible for any delay in the mail.

Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

For your packet to be considered complete and accepted, we require:
-Current boat registration
-Current vehicle Registration
-Proof of current insurance

-Copy of your current CT driver’s license

If you are not sure of what documents you might be missing, please email me at

Please understand that we have over 1000 residents waiting for this privilege. Any application considered incomplete after 4:30 PM, March 6 will be voided and payment returned.


Andrew Kenny
Marina Coordinator
Department Of Public Works
Town Of Fairfield
CELL (203) 362-9321
OFFICE (203) 256-3010
FAX (203) 256-3080