10/28/2014 - Jennings Beach Hobie & Rack Update

Hi Folks,

Here is the update on the various projects at the beach and changes to the rules and regulations;

Thursday afternoon (10/23) the Helix ground anchor installation was completed between all Hobie cats as well as the One Design boats. So please take the time to tie your vessel securely to the bright orange eyes. The One Design’s will remain over at the fence with new number plaques (to be installed shortly). In the process of installing the ground anchors a handful of chains were cut (no locks). So if your boat was locked to the center cable please relock it as it is now unlocked and one link shorter. Here is a link to the Helix Ground Anchors. *note: we used galvanized steel not the painted items shown.

All Hobie cats are now situated in their own 10’ x 22’ space, with an anchor acting as the border on either side. Please share these anchors with your neighbors. The eye is large enough to accommodate multiple lines. The published pull out strength is 4,000 lbs. each.

The Committee also voted to prohibit “over the road” trailers from the beach. So plan to remove your trailer if this applies to you.

With regard to the kayak racks; the rebuild of the even numbered side is now complete including the number plaques. We plan to redo the odd side next season. The Committee voted to allow two boats per rack at no extra charge. So those of you who have been renting more than one rack will no longer need to do so.

Moving the One Design boats to the fence allowed the creation of 36 new racks for a total of 183 racks! If you would like to install your own padding on your rack, I can supply you with different styles of fire hose.

There will be no rate increases for 2015, however an A sticker will no longer be included with the rack/space rental.
Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Andrew Kenny
Marina Coordinator
Department Of Public Works
Town Of Fairfield
CELL (203) 362-9321
OFFICE (203) 256-3010
FAX (203) 256-3080