10/25/2014 - Results of The Park and Rec. Meeting

Marina and Boat Rack Users,

The "M" sticker recommendation was passed which will entail the following; All South Benson Marina slipholders will receive ONE free M sticker with their slip contract. This will allow M vehicles to park along the A thru I dock parking spaces on either side of the lot. M sticker vehicles will also be able to park elsewhere in the marina lot, however- A stickers will no longer be included with a slip contract. A sticker vehicles are not  allowed to park in the area now known as M parking.

*Both the marina and beach users will no longer receive a complimentary "A" sticker with their purchase of a slip or rack.

All of the items on this past Wednesday's agenda passed with one exception; The recommendation on paragraph U remains unchanged. Air conditioners cannot run while unattended.

The newly updated Rules and Reg's are available here:  Rules and Regulations

All other changes were approved such as; Marina section 16

1. boaters must have written permission to occupy any slip other than their own.

2. All service contractors must provide proof of insurance annually at the DPW office.

At the Jennings Beach Racks and Hobie/One design areas the following changes are now in effect;

Waterfront Rec. Section 19

1. paragraph F no more than TWO Boats are permitted per rack. The second boat will not be charged any extra cost.

2. paragraph J boats stored in racks may now be as long as 16 feet.

3. The addition of paragraph K; No catamarans may be stored on over the road trailers.