4/2/2019 - South Benson Marina Public Forum to be Held Tuesday, April 23 - RSVP Requested

The Marina Sub-Committee of the Parks and Recreation Commission will be hosting a public forum on Tuesday April 23rd at 7:00pm to review plans to redevelop the South Benson Marina. The purpose of this forum is to gather your feedback as it relates to this redevelopment. In order to reserve the appropriate town facility, we are asking that you RSVP if you plan on attending this forum. We expect a large turnout and it is important for planning purposes that we have an accurate, approximate head count. 

Please e-mail by this Friday, April 5th if you plan on attending. Once we have all responses we will then reserve the appropriate facility and confirm same with all attendees. Also, please do not include any questions, offer any suggestions or other feedback regarding this redevelopment plan or the marina in general in your response as it cannot be properly considered at this time. Your response is for headcount purposes only. Thank you.