9/23/2014 - Jennings Beach Kayak Racks Rebuild Now Completed!

Hello everyone,

Thanks to a lot of hard work and coordination by everyone involved, the racks are finished! We started around 9am and were done at 3pm.

I can’t thank Tom and Cathy Kane enough. Tom brought lots of hard workers and all the necessary tools to get the job done. Cathy brought lots of good food! Everyone there was very productive and got along great.

I can’t forget to thank Steve Lehning for ordering all the material and Scott Bartlett and Linda Gibbons for coming up with the idea to make the racks part of the Sunday of service volunteer day.

The public works Highway department did a great job straightening the old poles and adding new ones as well as leveling the ground. Chuck from facilities made sure that all the new poles were drilled out and set in cement footings.

The finishing touches will be the addition of fire hose padding and new numbers at each space. Please take a moment to look over the finished product.   Click here to view photos from the day.

Thanks again,
Andrew Kenny
Marina Coordinator
Department Of Public Works
Town Of Fairfield
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