8/11/2014 - Storage Rack Rebuild Scheduled for September

Hello everyone,

The Town Of Fairfield along with the First Church Congregational are planning to rebuild the kayak storage racks at Jennings beach. This is being done with volunteers as part of the Sunday of service that the church organizes. We plan to begin demolishing the east rack (which are the even numbered) beginning September 8th with a completion date of the last week in September.

In an effort to make this happen as smoothly as possible please remove your kayaks, paddleboards, etc.. from the racks after Labor day weekend. (Even numbered racks only)

Any equipment still occupying the even numbered racks will be removed by the town and locked to the fence nearby. Be aware that once we begin this project, access to your equipment will be limited to weekends and/or business hours only.

This applies to the “One Design” sailors as well. One Design boats should be moved to the fence bordering the wooded area, where they will remain.

The Town Of Fairfield will make every effort to avoid cutting locks and cables. Once the refurbishment is completed, the Town Of Fairfield will return all equipment to the proper place.

*IMPORTANT NOTE- once this is done equipment may not be secure! Owners should ensure that their belongings are re-locked to the racks.

DEMOLITION : Monday September. 8

GRADING BEACH SAND & MISC: September 9 thru 19

SUNDAY OF SERVICE; Sunday September 21 from 10 am to 4 pm

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 203-256-3010.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Andrew Kenny
Marina Coordinator
Department Of Public Works
Town Of Fairfield
CELL (203) 362-9321
OFFICE (203) 256-3010
FAX (203) 256-3080