11/21/2017 - Parks and Recreation Commission Votes for Five Percent Increase in Slip Fees

At the urging of the RTM’s Board of Finance and after much discussion, the Parks and Recreation Commission voted to raise slips fees at South Benson Marina by 5% for the 2018 boating season.  See figures below.

  2017 Fee  5% Increase  2018 Fee 
 Small  $539.00 $26.95   $565.95
 Medium  $803.00  $40.15  $843.15
 Large  $1332.00  $66.60  $1398.60
 Premium  $1614.80  $80.74  $1696.54

The new fees will appear in the renewal applications to be sent out shortly. Thank you to all that attended, we always welcome public input.