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4/22/2016 - Fairfield BikeShare At Zane's Cycles Now Operating


Fairfield BikeShare at Zane's Cycles is now Operating

Don't Stay Inside, Get Out and Ride! - Free BikeShare at Zane's Cycles

About the Program

Initiated by the Fairfield Health Department and Fairfield Public Libraries, and sponsored by Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University, Fairfield BikeShare is operated by Zane's Cycle, and consists of 10 3-speed, custom designed bikes.

Residents and visitors can borrow a bike and take a bike ride for FREE. 

Bikes can be borrowed for fun, exercise, or to park the car and run a few errands on a bike.

Zane's check-out location is within walking distance of the Fairfield train station, visitors to Fairfield, and residents, can borrow a bike and ride to one of the beaches or other great locations in Town and finish the day at one of the many great restaurants before returning home.

Where Can I Borrow a Bike?

    Zane's Cycle

    1215 Post Road

    (203) 256-8735

Hours of Operations:

Bike are available to borrow during Zane's hours of operations:

Monday - Friday 10am-6:30pm

Saturday - 9:30am-5pm

Sunday 12pm-4pm

Borrowers must provide a valid driver's license or state photo ID and credit card.

Click here to print out the Zane's Fairfield BikeShare release form ahead of time for a quicker visit.

Rules of the Road

b Ride on the right. On roadways, always ride with traffic, and keep as far to the right.

b Leave plenty of room when passing parked cars to avoid opening doors.

b  Be predictable! Always ride in a straight line. Do not weave from side to side or suddenly move out into traffic.

b  Be alert and plan ahead to avoid obstacles.

b  Always check over your shoulder before changing your lane position.

b  Never weave between parked cars.

b  Obey traffic signs and signals.

b  Use hand signals. It can be as simple as pointing in the direction you plan to go.

b  Yield to pedestrians in all situations.

b  On a bike path, alert others of your approach by ringing the bell or by announcing "Passing on your left".

b  Riding on the sidewalk jeopardizes walkers.

For More Information

Please contact Santina Jaronko, Fairfield Health Department at (203) 256-3150 or