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12/29/2021 - New CDC and School Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for the General Population

On December 27, 2021 the CDC changed their isolation and quarantine guidance for the general population, the CT Department of Health recommends all non-K12 school related cases and contacts following the new CDC guidance (below).  On December 31, 2021 the State of CT issued guidance for all K12 related cases and contacts that should be followed. Due to the shortened isolation period, the current difficulty in obtaining testing and delays in receiving test results; contact tracers may not be aware of a case until that individual's isolation period has concluded.  Therefore, those who test positive for COVID should notify all their close contacts as soon as possible and both cases and contacts should follow the applicable CT K-12 guidance or CDC General Population guidance below.  Those who are non-school related cases or contacts who have questions can speak with a contact tracer by calling 203 256-3150.  School related cases and contacts should report those to their school or the FPS Hotline at 203 255-8785.

CDC General Population Guidance