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5/8/2015 - Please Participate in the 2015 Community Health Assessment Telephone Survey - Calls will be from 518 Area Code

The Fairfield Health Department is conducting its third Community Health Assessment and will be doing so through the 2015 Community Wellbeing Survey, a statewide collaborative surveying effort. This is a comprehensive telephone survey of quality of life issues such as community vitality, health, economic security, and individual happiness. The overall goal of this survey is to help the Health Department to identify and then focus its effort on the health needs of Fairfield.

Fairfield residents will be randomly selected and called to participate in the telephone survey conducted by DataHaven, which is the nonprofit group leading the data collection. We are asking that Fairfield residents receiving such a call this spring or summer and asked to participate in the Community Wellbeing Survey, that you would please complete the survey.  The call will be from a 518 area code.  The survey should only take about 20 minutes and the information gathered from this survey will help the Fairfield Health Department and other Fairfield community organizations to focus on the needs of the community.

Starting in 2012, Fairfield conducted a Community Health Assessment including a similar on-line survey as well as in-person interviews and focus groups. The priorities identified were cardiovascular disease and diabetes, obesity, access to health care and mental health and substance abuse. It is important to re-assess these needs every few years and a random telephone survey is one of the best ways to produce reliable data for the community of Fairfield.

Fairfield is participating in this survey as a member of the Primary Care Action Group (PCAG), which is a collaboration of area hospitals, community health centers, local health departments, and other organizations in the towns and cities of Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, and Trumbull. The primary focus of PCAG is to enhance access to healthcare services for these communities.

For more information please contact the Fairfield Health Department at 203-256-3020.