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5/6/2020 - School Nurses Day 5/6/2020

Supporting Students in Times of Crisis. School nurses lead the way to advance health and support education by ensuring that students are safe, healthy & ready to learn.

Did you know that Fairfield School Nurses work for the Fairfield Health Department? During this time of crisis, our school nurses have expanded their duties and are informing Fairfield residents of their COVID-19 positive results, making follow-up calls to these residents and providing information on donating convalescent plasma to residents who have recovered  from COVID-19. The school nurses have also worked with Social Services to make wellness calls to seniors and assess their need for groceries. The school nurses also continue to participate in planning for our students and the eventual return to school. All of us at the Fairfield Health Department would like to thank our School Nurses for everything they have done and continue to do for ALL of our residents. 

 Let’s celebrate our school nurses today and always! Learn more at: