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2/1/2018 - Heart Health Month - Know Your Numbers Self-Service and Full-Service Screenings

February is Heart Health Month and one of the best ways to understand your heart health is to “Know Your Numbers” and to track them over time. The Health Department is offering two ways to “Know your Numbers”

Self Service Screening Station

You can start today and all through the month of February at the Health Department’s Self Service Screening Station in their lobby.  Screen yourself, write down your numbers on the card provided at the counter and see where you are compared to the risk categories on the card.  Keep the card in your wallet and pick a number or two to improve this month and then check them again over the next few weeks to track progress. Be sure to take our survey each time you screen yourself.

At this Self Service Screening Station you can get the following numbers:

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate (Pulse) – From Blood Pressure Machine

Weight – From Scale, just step on it

Waist Size – Using tape measure on counter

Body Mass Index (BMI) – Using the BMI calculator on Counter

Full Service Screenings

You can make an appointment to attend a Full Service Know Your Numbers Screening this month Tuesday 2/6 from 4pm-6pm at the Main Library or Wednesday 2/7 from 10am-12pm at Fairfield Woods Library

These include the above screenings, Total Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and education from our Nurse and Health Educator.  Make an appointment by contacting Santina Jaronko, Health Educator, at 203 256-3150 or